10 Fen a day, will be the 2017 micro calendar to move home!

the most beautiful journal winner —

"knowledge is power" magazine

carefully designed a scientific calendar".


not only can tell you the time tick in slip, to cherish the time!

allows you to easily get every day to scientific knowledge, become popular science.

365 days a year, inadvertently,

knows astronomy and geography.

a small calendar, hidden 371 popular science knowledge points,

gathered more than 350 popular science writers experience,

advanced technology 102, 80 articles, Encyclopedia of Animal Life Encyclopedia of 66, Article 41, plant landscape space knowledge 36, medical knowledge 18, building 11, 7 geological Chemical Physics, marine knowledge 6, 4 pieces of jewelry knowledge……

always have the one you like.

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science calendar introduction

2017 calendar by "micro science knowledge is power" magazine development planning, published the famous works of science and knowledge is the power of the new media platform content selection of the journal Science Encyclopedia, covering life health, earth science, space, natural knowledge, frontier science and technology and other 371 public interest in scientific knowledge, suitable for put all learning and rest, tea table, office desk, table, bar, room, professional art design and high texture appearance is the preferred material, the science and use your relatives and friends a gift.

begins with the value of Yan, into the connotation. "Knowledge is power" magazine launched the science calendar "calendar design, 7 days a week, a day of science. Life health, earth science, space and space, natural knowledge, frontier technology…… What you want to know, you don’t know. Knowledge is capricious, give you a 365+ science point is not too much!