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100 "monkey" satellite and see dark matter from the unseen: China science Expo WeChat public, according to Xinhua news agency, 10, national key development plan "based on the scientific research project" the dark matter particle detection satellite launch will be held in Nanjing. As of now, the dark matter satellite "Monkey King" has been in normal operation for 328 days, 5011 flight orbit, attitude stability, has completed all day long coverage, total detection examples (including a variety of particle data) about 1 billion 600 million. Last December 17th launch of the "monkey" is currently the world’s most wide range observation can, the energy resolution and the optimal particle identification ability of dark matter particles detection satellite. With the passage of time, the "monkey" performance is getting better, until three months after the end of the test, all the experts involved in the assessment of the performance hit 100 points. Into the mysterious dark matter, we are not unfamiliar with the term "dark matter", which has appeared in movies, science fiction, and computer games for many times. These descriptions are often inconsistent with the known properties of dark matter in physics and cosmology. In computer games, for example, dark matter is often described as a black or similar material used to make weapons. "About dark matter" legend ":" dark matter gun "is the most powerful computer game" quake 4 "of weapons. So, what is dark matter? Today, this is still the scientists try to solve the puzzle. You and I are made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. The use of cosmic rays and accelerators for particle physics experiments tells us that a series of particles interact with each other, forming the world we see. The standard model describes all known particles and their interactions. But astronomical observations, computer simulations, and nuclear theoretical calculations have led us to believe that the standard model can explain only a small fraction of the mass of the universe. What are the other components of the universe? Measurements have shown that about 26.8% of the dark matter in the universe and the dark energy of about 68.3%. Evidence of dark matter surfaced in 30s of the last century. Astronomers Mainz Wilkie (Fritz Zwicky) found that towed galaxies on gravitational motion does not conform to the law of gravitation, unless there are a large number of galaxies in the telescope can not see the matter. Over the next few decades, more sophisticated theories and more sensitive experimental tools have been developed, and the findings further confirm the existence of dark matter. In the 90s of last century, other evidence was found in addition to the Galactic movement. For example, the formation of galaxies and other large structures in the universe, the temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation from the early universe. The modified Planck satellite team in 2013 of the universe and the proportion of components made (right below the color correction results), from left to right: dark energy (yellow), dark matter (Orange), ordinary matter (red) a lot of evidence that dark matter exists in the universe. Scientists began to spare no effort to explore the composition of dark matter. Will it be made up of similar brown dwarfs and.相关的主题文章: