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12 year old girl 12 weeks of pregnancy, birth   two suspects arrested for trafficking jingfangxingju — Law — people.com.cn original title: 12 year old girl pregnant 12 weeks to be seized two suspects arrested for trafficking jingfangxingju China according to the voice of "news" reported that recently, a "Xuzhou girl of 12 years old to be seized in the hospital, suspected of being trafficked" messages brush all the local people circle of friends, from the spread of the photos can be seen in a height, looks like a junior high school students quite a slight belly girl standing in the hospital, a more than and 30 year old man and a more than and 40 year old woman’s side, claiming to be a girl the family, they said the girl was 20 years old. The hospital to see these so-called "family" is obviously lying, then the police immediately, the Xuzhou police have been involved in the investigation of the incident, the girl accompanied by a man and a woman Liu Moumou and Xie Moumou suspicion of the crime of trafficking in women and children, have been detained according to law, the case is being further processed. On the morning of October 4th, the Xuzhou central hospital obstetrics and Gynecology, a man and a woman with two middle-aged people with a very young pregnant women to appear in the seizure, they said the girl is already 20 years old. After examination, the girl has been pregnant for 12 weeks. From the height, appearance, the girl is more like a junior high school student, which led to the suspicion of a doctor, a look is a child, not the development of the little girl, and she said the age is completely inconsistent. Now we see the child’s film is determined to be intrauterine pregnancy, this is her three image, the equivalent of 12 weeks pregnant." Subsequently, the hospital security personnel rushed to the scene quickly, ask to see the girl’s identity, but her so-called "family" did not take any documents, see things wrong, began to yell at the hospital. The doctor recalled the scene said: "they speak out loudly, said if you find we bombed your hospital, we have to do is check, you do not just end?" The doctor tried and found the girl exchanges, communication is not too smooth, but the girl called "family" does not let her communication with the doctor, "in some cases the family would not let her, but she told us about the situation, may have come from more remote places, she said from Yunnan or Vietnam. We could not hear very clearly, but her own description, is out with her mother and sister." Find things wrong with the hospital immediately dialed 110, who participated in the case of the staff told reporters, after receiving the alarm at 11 at noon on October 4th, the local police immediately rushed to the hospital, the relevant parties will be brought to the police station for further processing. At present, the local police have been investigating the matter and found that the suspect lived in rural areas of Xuzhou, Copper Mt. Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau of Copper Mt. district has been suspected of trafficking in women and children of the crime suspect 47 year old woman Xie Moumou and suspected of buying abducted women and children of the crime suspect 35 year old man Liu Moumou criminal detention according to law. The staff member told reporters that the current investigation is still ongoing, the girl claiming to be foreign, can speak simple Mandarin, the police through the translation and a number of foreign students to try to communicate with the girls, are very difficult. Current energy)相关的主题文章: