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1946 Eileen Chang Cardiff: "sing" twists and turns you come again "[Abstract] to search for her husband Eileen Chang after returning to the heart to restore a more real sense of Eileen Chang. 1946, Eileen Chang from Shanghai to Zhejiang to find her husband,. "Many studies on the analysis of her trip, Hu Lancheng is often quoted" a book "this present life arrived in Wenzhou in February, said she was so. Author Zhang and Hu Shi by reading books and tries to find the specific time that Eileen Chang’s before and after, and as the axis control association other scattered historical materials, twists and turns Eileen Chang Cardiff after returning to scrutinize the heart, to restore a more real sense of Eileen Chang. Departure time: December 1945 to January 1946 "Eileen Chang wrote" this present life is February 1946 with Si Jun (song, far) couple arrived in Wenzhou, 20 days after the boat back to Shanghai. Eileen Chang "little reunion" (the eighth chapter) confirmed the matter: "Mr. Yu at the end of the year to go home, take her to go with her, and sent her to the small town." It can be seen that "Mr. Yu" (the prototype for the song far) is the new year before she took off from Shanghai. According to this present life "(" Tianya road · "Xiangsong; eighteen"), December 1, 1945 to 3, Si Jun and Hu Lancheng, Fan Xiumei from Zhejiang Zhuji road to Jinhua. In December 6th, Hu Lancheng and Fan Xiumei from Jinhua to Wenzhou, the king is no longer peers, can be speculated that he had to leave for Shanghai, and after the meeting with the deliberations, and then take her to find her, and then go to the. Eileen Chang "a" writing is the journey, the book did not specify a specific date of their departure from Shanghai, but in the sixth chapter, there is a saying worth noting: "the twelfth lunar month twenty-seven, their home second times a pig." Above and bought lanterns to write the children new year playing in detail, and the "narrative Nian", it can be speculated that Eileen Chang in January 29, 1946 (the 27th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) before we arrived in Zhuji. In summary, the departure time Eileen Chang Cardiff should be from December 1945 to January 1946. Return time: about March 9, 1946 Soong "" living "in the publication of the note," "living" is finalized, and there are some loopholes. He cited a time back to the problem: the tenth chapter to write "late at the end of the month is just on the road", all the way forward, to the twelfth chapter is to catch up with the Lantern festival". After reading, it is not difficult to find the "Lantern Festival" (Gregorian calendar February 16, 1946) more effectively. The book has 3 directly written on it: 1, "tomorrow is the Lantern Festival" (Chapter twelfth); 2, "brother" ayu! Today is the Lantern Festival " (Chapter thirteenth); 3, "today is the Lantern Festival" (Chapter thirteenth). In addition to writing the lion dance performances on the eve of the Lantern Festival (the twelfth chapter), the Lantern Festival night "every family hung a lamp, most of the dragon" (the thirteenth chapter) and other detailed details. The positive end of the road is only a sentence with. "This present life but also wrote" the "Lantern Festival" – Eileen Chang to Wenzhou, and Hu Lancheng, Fan Xiumei together in the street, "is the fifteen after the shop door.相关的主题文章: