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A man posing as staff of 20 years – director of NDRC 3 months – Beijing cheated nearly a million in claiming to be the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission comprehensive project management bureau party secretary, get a three provincial official documents, said the construction can coordinate the medical waste disposal plant, and for various reasons to the parties for money…… Hedong District of Shandong city procuratorate prosecution, recently, the Secretary Huang Zhangang was sentenced to imprisonment for fraud in ten years and six months, and fined 300 thousand yuan in a penalty of $. Posing as provincial development and Reform Commission official forty Huang Zhangang has been unemployed. Because of vanity, he graduated from college, he has been said to work in Shandong province development and reform commission. A few years ago, he lost a lot of money to do business, owe a debt, including usury. Huang Zhangang has a cousin named Huang Zhandong, do a little business in Shandong Dezhou, often around boasting a brother in the work of the provincial development and reform commission. Once, an environmental protection equipment company Huang Zhandong and suppliers — Shandong salesman Xiaojiang dinner, also mentioned that he had a brother in the work of the provincial development and reform commission. The speaker has no intention, the listener interested, is to set up the medical waste treatment plant to worry about Xiaojiang eyes bright, let Huang Zhandong ask brother can help". Huang Zhandong found Huang Zhangang and said this is for Huang Zhangang to worry about debt solution as pressing danger, a promise. One day in June 2015, under the arrangement of Huang Zhandong, Huang Zhangang, Huang Zhandong and Jiang ate together. During the meeting, Huang Zhangang said he worked in the provincial development and Reform Commission, the NDRC director of administrative examination and approval, to give themselves a piece of kana printed version. The company wants to Xiaojiang for gospel truth, built in Shandong medical waste treatment plant requires coordination between the things said to Huang Zhangang, Huang Zhangang said could help, let Xiaojiang provide a feasibility report, to the "chief of staff". After a few days, the Xiaojiang materials to Huang Zhangang. Huang Zhangang put the data inside, part of wording changes, and chapter system software forged "people’s Government of Shandong province", "Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission", "Shandong Province comprehensive project management bureau" three seal printed on the feasibility report, in the report and imitate leaders signed "cover all commission earnestly study on the feasibility of". Subsequently, he handed the report to Huang Zhandong, also pretentiously said the report only to see but not to give him a ginger. Xiaojiang sees this is the feasibility report of provincial Party committee leadership signed after Zhang Qingfang hurried to tread on air to the boss of the company, and Zhou Maoshan have made a detailed report. The couple excited, let Xiaojiang and Huang Zhangang meet elaborate arrangements related matters as soon as possible. Director of the self styled "play" do one day in August 2015, in Xiaojiang’s arrangement, Zhang Qingfang couple invited Huang Zhangang dinner. Chat, Huang Zhangang said he was promoted to the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission, the party secretary of the integrated project management bureau. Zhang Qingfang filed a plan to build a medical waste disposal plant, said Huang Zhangang can coordinate the implementation of the main person in charge of the city of Shandong province. Zhang Qingfang and his wife Huang Zhangang, see the noble and dignified extraordinary conversation, speaking of project matters believed) closely reasoned and well argued.相关的主题文章: