2016 China Snooker Championship, Selby Ding Junhui and other 16 famous Sohu sports competition-mp7a1

2016 China Snooker Championship, Selby Ding Junhui’s 16 participating sports – Sohu on November 1, 2016 -5, the first China Snooker Championship will Hengda will be held in Guangzhou. As the first international A-level Chinese Snooker Championships, World Snooker Championships this Chinese Hengda invited a total of 16 will include ranked Selby and Chinese leader Ding Junhui, the. The first round of the tournament and 14 finals will take 11 games 6 wins, the semi-final will take 17 games 9 wins, 19 final tournament is 10 win, semifinals and finals are on the second half of two stages. The tournament total prize money of up to 650 thousand pounds, 200 thousand pounds prize, the highest prize is the China snooker tournament, tournament in the world after the world championships in. Although most of the players have just finished the England open and the Daqing national championships, or conceded to the Guangzhou. Xiao Bian personally feel that this game too dense arrangement, is not conducive to the adjustment of competitive state (the Rockets players give up), or a big game between the interval is ten and a half months. Number 1 and number 2 are the first round:相关的主题文章: