2017 American Cancer Report released! See how much difference between China and the United States


at the beginning of each year, the American Cancer Society released a content rich "cancer data report" to check the latest data in recent years, the new cancer deaths, and evaluation of cancer incidence, mortality and survival rate.

this year’s report released on schedule, considerable amount of information. With the January 25, 2015 release of "Chinese cancer report" for comparison, different features of Chinese and American cancer population seems to give people a great revelation, some results even beyond the reasonable imagination of people.


What is the general trend of


Figure 1 Comparison of morbidity and mortality in the United States and China (click on the image to zoom in)

Figure 1 is the incidence of long – term cancer in the United States and china. It can be found that there is a significant difference between the overall incidence and mortality trends. The American cancer incidence rate decreased significantly in recent years (see table), and Chinese but in the "steady growth" (see right).

obviously, this growth is not what we want.

sad and confused!


Figure 2 incidence trends of all types of cancer in the United States (by gender) (click on the image can be horizontal screen view)

why is the incidence of American men falling?

the number of American male cancer each year plunged 2%, a drop of a drop of 10 consecutive years, more and more fierce drop.

The original

, back in late 80s, the United States will turn the tide in the asymptomatic population to screening for prostate cancer, the prostate specific antigen (PSA). This directly leads to a decline in the incidence of prostate cancer in 2010-2013 at a rate of more than 10% per year.

In addition,

, lung cancer and colorectal cancer continued to decline also contributed to the overall decline in the incidence of many.

how stable is the incidence of American women?

women in the United States, the decline in the incidence of lung cancer and colorectal cancer was increased in the incidence of breast cancer, thyroid cancer and melanoma, "offset", resulting in a relatively stable overall incidence of women. However, given the increased presence of breast cancer and thyroid cancer, which has been diagnosed as malignant, benign, the actual results may be more optimistic.


Figure 3

1975-2014 American cancer deaths figure (to avoid the crowd sex discrimination) (click to view the screen);