2017 PubMed retest of such easily brush

2017 PubMed retest of such easily brush

three types of people are most likely to brush

1 the preliminary test result is good, for the same research direction or on-line tutor student is not much, but there is a big problem in the second interview candidates. For example, a serious lack of professional knowledge background, poor performance interview.

2 for the same tutor online number more than enrollment, the preliminary test result of preliminary test result with other candidates for the same tutor compared to a big difference, and no other special advantage of candidates. Because now graduate enrollment is still the first consideration of the first, second only to consider the results, ability. So some on-line candidates although the performance is not very good, but because for this research direction or mentor line number is less, so be admitted, even accounting for public index.

3 the preliminary test result is not good, retest results are not prominent, the comprehensive score of reciprocal ranking, and apply for popular professional candidates. But it also differ from school to school, some schools as long as the preliminary test result on the line, no big problem in the second interview study for the tutor students will be admitted to a.

since the understanding of the characteristics of population is easy to brush, you’ll be ready to re master called, baizhanbudai strategy!



grasp the golden period of

wide net transfersAfter the

test, candidates should be positive about their scores and rankings. As soon as possible to determine whether they can enter the interview, so as not to delay the time to adjust. There are some students think their scores are good every year, without considering the retest problem, no adjustment plan, when crowding out even after the swap was too late.

There will be a special issue of

March and April swap information on many sites, if you meet some of the dispensing conditions, you can immediately call or letter contact, to apply for the school admissions inquiries whether they can recommend research transfers. Wide net, there will be more opportunities.

re examination as soon as possible to apply for schools

if you think you can enter the interview students, it must do two things to prepare for the interview. The first is to buy reference books and over the years, the second is to look for information on the internet. The information is very important, especially in the interview, what test, how to test, only through the previous students can understand.

candidates must login for the school website as soon as possible, pay attention to the school retest measures, including the re location and time of the examiner and retest rules etc.. Most of the school’s approach in the annual national retest retest scores released before and after the introduction of. Candidates can retest measures last reference to make preparations for school. The candidates will specify the bibliography of the school retest, ask the Shixiongshijie retest range, and to the website and forum of the students in the examination of candidates school website forum to collect relevant information.

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