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"28 minor" posters, entertainment reporters wang exposure special secret behind the scenes fun "love don’t stop" version of the poster by Ni Ni Wallace Huo, directed by the end of Zhang, Ma Su, Wang, and starred in the 2016 Lunar New Year poison chicken soup female film "28 year old juvenile" will be landing in December 2nd the national screen. Today, the film side exposed "love don’t stop" version of the poster and the king, entertainment specials, posters, Wallace Huo, Ma Su, Wang Ni Ni, four creative collective appearance, the expression of different interesting; the special edition, the king, is the embodiment of entertainment secret behind the fun, warm and happy funny drama group for this winter warming many. Cool summer and bright Mao serious "love does not stop eating" poster creative collective appearance, Ni Ni Wallace Huo visited Wang incarnation of amusement today, the movie "28 year old juvenile" film released "love non-stop" version of the poster, a full dessert bus traveling on the outskirts of the road, all the creative collective appearance sitting on the roof of the bus the way to love, not to stop the end point, the overall picture poster is fresh and sweet, yet creative are different expression seems to be implied meaning, lead people unlimited reverie. Posters, Ni Ni, Wallace Huo, Wang, three people close to King Ni Ni, a brilliant smile, intimate attitude; Wallace Huo micro side head like to by Ni Ni, a thoughtful look more curious about how he will make the next move; next to Ma Su is a naughty eyes, a look, a wonderful view peerless love battle broke. With the poster released, Wang, entertainment reporters for the first time exposure. The special edition, the king, the embodiment of the "amusement" Wang, secret story behind the studio crew, funny laugh constantly atmosphere warm heart. The studio of Ni Ni, Wang, cuddle shoulder blindfolded wall boom turns staged, sweet burst index table, free nature love freedom, he will go up with kidney sister skills, exposing the two camp will be staged passion play, it seems that this audience will see. Ni Nixiu and the end of love, the king, did not forget to visit the "rival" Wallace Huo, "veteran" adhering to the principle of serious and lively, after the speech, open mode of self deprecating humor, old Bacon said just after he was a shy smile feel shy and adorable sense. Creative play fun constantly close off screen. Across the screen can also feel happy and warm atmosphere cast. For the female audience, such a relaxed warm heart of the film, can be said to be the best choice for winter viewing. Yan Yan looked away from the deep expression "daughter" the first movie featuring the full romantic comedy warm new year as the "daughter" Zhang at the end of the first film, "the 28 year old minors" custom file has the high degree of concern. The leaked video, a few pictures can feel the warm heart of the film joy traits, and so full of laughter and warm performance but does not come easy. When the filming set of winter, the temperature is very low, the actors have to wear cool costumes whole-heartedly, directed more strictly every picture, admirable attitude. It is worth noting that, at the end of the first tube is directed by Zhang but their strength is not to be underestimated, she had to study at the New York University film school, and working on the show for many years, bear the editor, deputy director, subtitle translation and many other functions, the theory of accumulation and deep after years of practice.相关的主题文章: