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Home-and-Family Finding the perfect gift for someone special can be extremely difficult, even for the most seasoned gift giver. What hasn’t been done before? Is this gift too cliché? What can I give that won’t make me seem like an inconsiderate bonehead? It is challenging enough being thoughtful and considerate the other 364 days a year. There is some good news though. With just a little time and a small amount of effort (it will be worth it) you can blow her mind and make her day. Here are a few flower gift giving ideas to help you do just that. For the Creative "Out of the Box" Female: Wall Prints You have a hard enough time keeping the bottles separate from the paper products in the recycling bin. Now you need to .e up with something that will last and be appreciated, too. Here is your fix, try a flower print. The Bad news: What if she’s not a big fan of the style, the color or the size? Should you try and choose a frame or let her handle that part? The Good news: If you happen to nail this one she will be thrilled and you can always point to the wall next time you make a bonehead move to prove that you are not always thoughtless. For the Classic Romantic: Soft Teddy and a Flower Arrangement She wept at the notebook and every time she sees a picture of a puppy or a baby, it is a ten-minute "AWW-athon." For the classic woman of romance, there is no substitute for giving flowers. For this special woman, try an adorable, soft, plush bear with an exotic flower display. The Bad news: You will be setting the bar pretty high for yourself when it .es to future gift giving. The Good news: If you are ever in the doghous or up late with friends, she will have something to cuddle with, saving you valuable hours of "girl" stuff, and she will always have the awesome memory of you giving flowers she enthusiastically enjoyed for many days. For the "Girl Who Has Everything": A New Variety of Roses Some women have it all, and you have spent a lot of time and effort into finding new ways to wow her. For this treasured love, try some new varieties of roses. The selection of unique rose varieties and out of this world flowers available would melt even the iciest of hearts. The Bad news: It will be really hard to outdo yourself. The Good news: These are exceptional flowers and are nearly unique. You can almost guarantee she has never seen anything like these, and does not know anyone that has received them. The aroma and natural beauty of flowers do something to make women feel special. Don’t miss your next flower gift giving opportunity. It is the perfect time to make the woman you love feel exceptionally well taken care of and important to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: