5 indicating that premature ovarian failure before the age of 40, women should be vigilant

the reason why women are different from men, is the inherent chromosome, the external genital organs, centered in the central part of the ovary.

because of ovarian hormone secretion diligently, in order to maintain the development of reproductive organs, from the inside to show the feminine.

women from birth to old, ovary is not the full role in the play, but she has been in the company, even has quietly to sleep, no function, still stubbornly nest deep in the body, never abandon.

the life of a woman is a reduced version of a woman’s life

infants and young children, the children grow up slowly, the ovary is, but at this time the ovary can not secrete hormones, but in the long.

generally after the age of 8, the ovary began to produce sex hormones, puberty began to develop, menstruation, and this is the menstrual cycle of ovarian hormones secreted by the changes in the endometrium.

women of childbearing age can give birth to life, this stage is also the most exuberant period of ovarian vitality. Slowly the ovarian function began to decline, women also entered the perimenopausal period, until the ovary sleep over, menopause is coming.

older women are shrinking and their ovaries are smaller……

is the most painful is not old, she is almost

there are some people, age is not old, the ovary began to decline, decline in function in advance. We put before the age of 40 began to appear clinical manifestations of ovarian function decline called early-onset ovarian insufficiency (POI), if 1 years do not come to menstruation, it is called premature ovarian failure.

this is a bit like the early menopause, and some even more than and 20 years old. Why are you so young? The specific cause is still under study. The current study found that these factors may be related to: radiotherapy or chemotherapy, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian surgery, smoking and autoimmune diseases, etc..

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and reincarnation, reincarnation is a technology live. If your mother, your grandmother, your grandmother, your aunt is lineal female relatives of early-onset ovarian insufficiency, then congratulations, you also can be. This is the influence of the family, that is, genetic factors.

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or the reincarnation of the gene and chromosome abnormalities, such as fragile X chromosome FMR1 gene mutation, Turner syndrome etc..

40 years after the decline in ovarian function is considered perimenopausal and menopausal, before the age of 40 is premature ovarian failure. In fact, so simple.

how to determine whether the ovary is premature decline of