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Business Fibrous ultrafine nickel powder is widely applied in market. High energy secondary batteries of newly Ni-Cd battery and Ni-MH battery, Li-Ion battery, MCFC type, SOFC fuel cell electrode, electromagnetic shielding materials EMI, MLCC internal electrode material, tungsten carbide binder, the filter material and catalyst are required extensive use of fibrous special nickel powder. At present, China and the United States, Japan and other advanced industrial countries imported fibrous special nickel powder from Canada metal powder supplier. Before the battery industry with the fibrous special ultra-fine nickel powder in the production process to produce flammable and explosive, and a giant toxic nickel carbonyl, and its products can only reach a micron. Canadian companies monopolize the world market, its technology are extremely confidential. The production of carbonyl nickel powder, nickel powder produced by this method are mostly spherical, micron level, the particle size than the surface area, activity and conductivity is not very good, still can not meet the large-capacity high-power secondary batteries, fuel cells, EMI materials and other high-tech field of special needs, and its production process and a lot of inflammable, explosive, giant poisonous gases CO and carbonyl nickel and other hazardous substances related, so its main production process is difficult to control, can easily occur production accidents and personal injury. Special fibrous ultrafine nickel powder new method is for preparation prepared by a soluble nickel salt precipitation of wet synthetic precursor dehydration surface oxidation treatment packaging thermal decomposition process. New methods of synthesis and refinement process is unique, precise composition, powder size, morphology control, low temperature thermal decomposition product performance and stability, good reproducibility, and the process is non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, and its product performance and similar products in Canada compared to the carbon, oxygen, iron and sulfur is low, the fibrous better, fine grain size (nanometer), porosity (75%), specific surface area greater than five times. The active and electrical conductivity is higher than six times. The complex nickel salt precipitation thermal decomposition process can prepare ultrafine fibrous special nickel powder. The products contain carbon, oxygen, iron, sulfur and have better surface area and other physical and chemical parameters. Its production cost is less than 1/2 of the sales price of similar products. If it achieves industrialization in China, it can not only meet the demand of Chinese markets multiple uses of nickel powder but also save a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Due to the application of the new technology, the cost has certain advantages and it can break into the international market. Industry experts agree that: The product is on the international advanced level with originality and independent intellectual property rights. It becomes a new breakthrough in preparing fibrous special ultra-fine nickel powder.Source: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: