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Excellent School Education In Delhi Posted By: BhaskarKumar Delhi, the capital of India is a centre of Politics and administration. The city houses government bungalows and administrative centres. And is also popular for being the centre of news channels, from the top news channels to the medium and small ones, majority are housed here. Another thing that makes the city popular is its education system. From the best schools to the colleges, Delhi has everything to pull the students from various corners of India. According to the survey conducted by the popular national daily, Delhi flaunts of having six top schools in India out of top ten schools, which in itself speaks volumes about the education system the city has to offer. Some of the top schools in Delhi include Delhi Public School, Modern School, The Mothers International School, Bal Bharti School, Springdales, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Mount Carmel School, Amity International, Laxman Public School, Don Bosco School, Vasant Valley School, The Shri Ram School, Birla Vidya Niketan, Appejay School and so on.school in delhi school in delhi Helping Your Child To Deal With Their Fear Posted By: manishpaull summer fields school mothers international school bgs international school dwarka summer fields school Boarding School Education For Children Posted By: manishpaull Boarding school is a term which children fear of because if they get admitted in a boarding school, then they have to stay away from their parents. For a child it is beyond imagination to stay away from family. At that age, their family is of utmost importance for them. The atmosphere of a boarding school is different because children reside in the school campus and are taught to follow a routine. Parents cannot come and help them to do their work. Though, students of boarding schools face much trouble as compared to the other children who stay with their parents it is also true that they learn a lot. Children become more self-dependent than the other children. It helps in the latter part of their lives. One, who does not take help from others in every step, achieves the ladder of success more easily. Boarding schools do not only make them independent but also help them to be disciplined and well-mannered. Unlike the western people, Indians follow eastern culture. Thus, they are more attached and dependent on their families. They are more required to be sent to boarding schools to become a self-sustained person.summer fields school mothers international school admissions bgs international school dwarka summer fields school Audio Visual Education And Its Importance Posted By: Nitish Kumar It is in a very rare case that our perception relies fully upon a single sense. When we do our day to day activities, it is generally a combination of the information that we get from two or more sensory modalities that gives us a complete picture of what is occurring in the world. The popularity of television proved that we are mostly attracted towards audio-visual medium and it has the most rapid affect on us. The power of audio-visual media to present complex concepts is coupled with the capabilities of a computer to analyze a learner’s response to questions and then to direct the flow of information. It is observed that when children are exposed to audio-visual mood of learning, they rapidly grasp the critical concepts and also generate interest in the classes. It is true that some children remember best materials they’ve seen; some remember things they’ve heard, while others remember things they’ve experienced. But even then an accumulation of all these resulted in a more effective way. More and more schools are taking advantage of audio-visual technology to teach the children.Mother’s Pride Vivek Vihar Mothers International School Motilal Nehru Public School Mother’s Pride Vivek Vihar 相关的主题文章: