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Internet-Marketing Aside from the text of an article, keywords should be used within page titles, headings, and page descriptions as well. This serves two purposes. First, when users see these words within the titles and headings, which they will see before they begin to read any content, they know that this page will give them the information they want. Second, having these keywords in high places can improve a search engine ranking. Titles and Headings As many keywords as possible should be integrated into titles and headings. Some writers may be tempted to write funny or joke headlines, but thats not the most effective use of these important headers. If a site is about classic cars, the words antique cars,classic cars, or vintage cars should be used as much as possible in headings and titles. For example, good titles include, Taking care of classic cars for life, or Changing the oil in vintage Chevy trucks. On the other hand, headings like Changing oil or Taking care of your car, arent specific enough and dont fit with the classic and vintage keywords. Page Description A page description is a short and concise description of a page that should run about 200 characters or less, including spaces. Users often read this page description when they find a page online, and search engines will read the description and scan the contents for keywords, so as many keywords should be used as possible. If the classic car site were about classic car maintenance, the page description might say, The official website of classic, vintage, and antique car care and maintenance. Learn hands-on how to fix and maintain your classic car. This description is only about 115 characters, so there is still room for improvement. Writers should use as many of those 200 characters as they can, and include as many keywords as possible in natural speech, but avoid simply listing keywords. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: