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Cooking-Tips The best thing about slow cooking is the way that you can throw a delicious meal together with just a few ingredients from the store cupboard. Your slow cooker will pay for itself easily. The time you save when you are making a meal makes it priceless. But, if you want to make slow cooking part of your regular diet, then it pays to have a some staples to keep in your store cupboard to make meal planning simple. Beans Beans are a very economical source of protein that cook very well in slow cookers . Every bean has its own flavor which is increased by the herbs or spices you use to cook with them. Beans can make a meal base when you cook them with meat or be the main ingredient if you are a vegetarian looking to create a quick and simple dish. Whether haricot, black-eyed, borlotti, or lentils, beans can make some fantastic slow cooker meals. Fibrous Vegetables For starters, these means good old spuds and the average kitchen has at least a few potatoes lurking around in the vegetable rack.They are a really flexible food. Mash them, stew them, fry them, or chuck them in the slow cooker. Potatoes thicken stews, soups, and meat-free dishes. Potatoes and other fibrous vegetables like carrots, swede and turnips, take a while to cook, so they can be thrown in the slow cooker with meat and can cook all day. Fresh Herbs Using herbs can dramatically change the flavour of almost any meal you make. You can use dried herbs, but they release a much richer flavor if they are added fresh. You can even grow your own herbs in the house in small pots on your kitchen window sill. All you need is a good spot in the sun, some compost, and don’t forget to water them regularly. Home grown herbs can even be dried to extend their life, making them easy to keep around without worrying too much about wasting them. Remember herbs need to be added at the end of the crock pot cooking cycle so their flavor mingles in through the meal and isn’t lost during the cooking time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: