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Being positive is the secret to success. You might already know that, but do you really use this knowledge to your advantage? Or do you keep it as a hidden secret to yourself? Many people know this as a truth on the mental plane, but it is a completely different thing to use it in the daily life. There are ways we can bring positive being into use in our lives to create better outcomes in whatever we are doing. First of all it is of course important to have a positive mind. Positive being really starts from the power of positive thinking. Since every result we get in life starts from a thought in our mind it is of utmost importance that our thoughts are positive. How could you reap a positive result if you don´t sow a positive seed? Everything is about cause and effect. Every action you take will have a result that is in line with the action. Although thinking positive is important it is not enough to get you a positive being. A thought is powerless without a fuel that gets it growing. We need to develop the thought into a positive attitude. The attitude is deeper than a thought, because it also contains emotions. When you fuel a thought with emotions you get a stronger effect. The emotions are energy which gets you from positive thinking to the next step, which is a positive attitude. From there we go on to the next stage in the chain of positive being which is positive motivation. You have the thought which can be seen as what you want to accomplish, and you have the attitude which can be seen as how to do it. There is always a third part to every achievement and that is why you want to do it and this is where positive motivation comes in. The motivation part is the engine of positive being. This should also be positive to get full effect of the action. When you have all these three parts together in a positive state you have a wholeness of positive living, and this is the hidden secret behind positive being. When the whole of your being is positive your life will be positive and all of the tasks that lay ahead of you will be much easier to handle. Because the more positive your life is the more energy you will feel you have to your support and the more you will accomplish. So what thought are you going to plant now? What is it that you want to do today that will get you forward in life? How are you going to do this? Why do you want to do it? Think about these four questions and carry them with you throughout the day and every day, because the answers to them is what will get you into a state of positive being. And you know this is really no secret, it is just that you have forgotten to think about it. 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