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Health Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a commonly used method for saving lives. It is employed by professional medical experts and laypersons alike and can be thanked for extending the lifespan of countless individuals. Still, some persons may ask themselves why taking a CPR course is necessary, using the following excuses to not enroll in CPR training: CPR looks easy on TV; I dont need training to tell me how to do it. Those who have never performed CPR may think it appears to be a very simple process. Factually, CPR can be learned by anyone, but it still must be studied before it is carried out in order to be effective. CPR courses, like the course made available by American Health Care Academy at , explain exactly how to resuscitate individuals who have experienced a cardiac or respiratory emergency, leaving the student well prepared in case their CPR skills are needed. CPR is a two-step process. How could that require training? Everyone knows that chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation are employed with CPR, but other pieces of information are vital as well. A person who undergoes CPR training will learn the different resuscitation methods for adults, children, and toddlers. He or she will also learn checklists that can be used quickly and immediately when determining the best care. Having this knowledge boosts confidence and increases the likelihood that the CPR performed will be effective. I took CPR a long time ago. I can still remember it. There is a reason that medical personnel must continually update their CPR certification. Updated methods of performing CPR should be learned, as there are constant advancement in the medical industry. It is also very possible and very likely that unused skills such as CPR will be forgotten when they are needed most if the learned techniques have not been refreshed. Every two years, CPR certification expires, which means that anyone who wishes to use this lifesaving method should re-train and re-certify. Why would I want to learn to CPR? Thats what 911 is for. Of course a first response team must be contacted in an emergency, but few understand the implications CPR can have on a life. The first ten minutes are the most important when someone has a medical emergency, particularly in cases of cardiac arrest. According to the American Heart Association, about 95 percent of cardiac arrest victims die before they even reach the hospital. Effectively implemented CPR can double the chance of survival of victims. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: