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Health To help yourself immediately, you should start to take hold of your breaths. This should occur when you feel your heart rate speed up or if you feel lightheaded. Simply grab a bag and begin breathing into it. This will immediately start to get your breathing under control, and is an excellent way to calm down. However, a better treatment is out there, and that is to become proficient in some kind of yoga or other method that you can use at your leisure. You could even try to get close to a friend and start breathing in sync with him or her. This is a useful strategy too. People are certain to have the desire to help you, particularly if they are friends with you, and realize that panic attacks are nothing to be scared of. They will probably even be happy to know that their presence can help you get past some of the attacks. If you suffer from panic attacks it pays to avoid stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine. These items are thought to be stimulants and will actually push up your heart rate, which isn’t something you want if you’re trying to calm down. If you believe that your panic attack is because of being in a restricted area, or being in a big crowd, then finding a safe, area to escape to may be a great measure in how to deal with panic attacks. Individuals that suffer panic attacks, should always be prepared with a place to find solitude or a person who is aware that you sometimes have these attacks and is prepared to assist you. You may believe that it’s cowardly to hide in these situations, although certain circumstances warrant such an escape in order for you to calm down. In order to reduce these feelings of attack that put you into such a position, it is recommended that you consider some kind of therapy that’ll help you to deal with your panic attacks and the circumstances that encourages them. It can be a time consuming ordeal to learn how to diminish the negative reactions and stress that are causing your anxiety, but the time invested will be worth it as it can be very productive in learning how to deal with panic attacks. You might believe that the panic attacks are a condition that you must deal with for the rest of your life, however, certain people are able to lower the chance of them happening by discovering how to deal with panic attacks in a productive way. One very useful beginning step is to see your physician. It can be quite frightening when some everyday occurrence in your life, brings forth an episode, but you can fight back by utilizing exercise, medication, and relaxation, to begin to get a handle on how to deal with panic attacks. In addition, after you learn what brings the anxiety attacks on, you’ll be able to avoid those circumstances, and understand how to deal with panic attacks if they do occur. Counselors are available to help you find the underlying causes of your attacks, and are a great resource for you to use. You need to understand that talking to someone doesn’t translate to you being weak. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: