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Obama accused Russia of "no difference" air raid network in Syria on February 17th -, President Obama said the United States will in the next few days to Russia to comply with the ceasefire agreement in Syria to make a decision. At a news conference after attending the ASEAN summit, Obama said he would continue to work with Russian President Putin to resolve the Syria conflict through political means, and hinted that once the ceasefire failed, the United States did not have two alternatives. Obama said, "now, Putin may have thought about the Russians staying in Syria, but that’s too expensive. If Russia is smart, it should join hands with other members of the United States and the international community to mediate the political transition in Syria." He also insisted on his view last year that Putin was militarily mired in Syria. He said: "if a country’s social tearing, all parties have no sense of identity, what can Russia get?" Syria needs billions of dollars to rebuild." Obama said that 34 of Syria’s territory is now not within the control of the current regime. When it comes to the instability of Syria, Obama is unclear about whether the United States will launch a military strike to contain the expansion of the Islamic state. Obama said, "we will continue to act, and we have clear targets.". We are working with our allies to prevent the Islamic state from seizing the fruits of Syria." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

奥巴马指责俄罗斯在叙利亚的“无差别”空袭行动   汇通网2月17日讯――周二,美国总统奥巴马称,美国将会在未来几天对俄罗斯是否遵守在叙利亚的停火协议作出决断。   奥巴马在出席东盟领导人峰会之后的新闻发布会上说,他将继续与俄总统普京携手,通过政治手段解决叙利亚冲突,并暗示一旦停火努力失败,美国没有二套替代方案。   奥巴马说:“现在,普京可能有考虑俄军永驻叙利亚的想法,但那样的代价过于高昂。俄罗斯要是聪明的话,应该与美国或者国际社会的其他成员携手调停叙利亚的政治转型。”   他还坚持其去年的观点,普京在军事上正深陷叙利亚泥潭。他说:“若一个国家社会撕裂、各方力量完全没有认同感,俄罗斯由能得到什么?叙利亚需要数十亿美元重建。”   奥巴马说,叙利亚3 4的国土现在并不在现政权的控制范围内。   谈及叙利亚的不稳定性,奥巴马对于美国是否会为遏制伊斯兰国扩张而发动军事打击含糊其辞。   奥巴马说:“我们将会继续采取行动,我们有清晰的打击目标。我们正与我们的盟国合作,确保阻止伊斯兰国攫取叙利亚的果实。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: