August Hainan foreign trade grew by 23.3% this year, the largest single month naughty怎么读

In August, Hainan’s foreign trade grew 23.3% increase this year to the largest single month of August Hainan foreign trade grew 23.3% increase for a single month this year, the largest Hainan daily Haikou September 16th news (reporter Yang Yihua correspondent Geng Yixiao Fu Taisheng) reporter learned from the Haikou customs, in August, the total import and export 7 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 23.3% over last year, for this year the largest single month growth rate. Among them, imports 6 billion 170 million yuan, an increase of 25.8%; exports of $1 billion 600 million, an increase of 14.2%. Driven by the growth of foreign trade in August, 1-8 months of Hainan’s foreign trade import and export 53 billion 750 million yuan, an increase of 2.7%, compared with 1-7 monthly growth rate of up to 2.5 percentage points. It is reported that in August, Hainan import and export performance of enterprises more than 60% positive growth, the growth rate is the fastest HNA AVIATION IMPORT & Export Co. ltd.. From the type of business, private enterprises lead the Hainan foreign trade, import and export 2 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 1.4 times, accounting for the same period, Hainan’s total import and export value of foreign trade, the proportion increased by 15.2 percentage points over the same period last year. Foreign invested enterprises import and export 4 billion 920 million yuan, a slight increase of 0.6%; state-owned enterprises 450 million yuan, up 6.1%.相关的主题文章: