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"Back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke" hot shot Wang Weishan queen of love – "back to the Ming Dynasty when Wang Wei entertainment Sohu Wangyeh" as the queen, Sohu entertainment news the day before, adapted from the popular novel of the same name month network super IP costume drama "back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke of Yangling" is Hengdian hot shot. The good queen Yan Yuanwangwei as the strength of the mother of kings, and the romantic love between emperor Hongzhi is famous the world. "Back to the Ming Dynasty when he" gathered Jiang Jinfu, Wang Wei, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Yan and other public power meat, artistes, an interpretation of the Ming Dynasty legend surge high and sweep forward. The play, Wang Wei played the queen from the real historical figure of filial piety to the empress Kang, cheerful and lively personality, demeanor exudes personality charm. And she and Hongzhi emperor daily with cohabitation, such as ordinary people generally have better life loving is more numerous posterity praise. Wang Wei said: "as the emperor of the palace of the royal prerogative, polygynous wives and concubines, however Hongzhi as the king of a country life is only one queen, two people love each other in life, now would be the envy of the perfect couple."". It is understood that in addition to the "back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke", starring Wang Wei in the two TV series "and" and "fighting woman such as Yi biography" is like a raging fire shooting. One side is the dignified Queen Mother instrument, while the best flower "and his ex-wife, one side is crazy for love, the princess Mao Qian use unscrupulous divisive tactics, large span as can be imagined. For filming by Wang Wei but never tired, would like to use 120 of its energy to shape each role.   相关的主题文章: