Professional black powder orders to calculate monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars pp点点通2006

Occupation black powder orders monthly income of hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands of NCS (data plan) recently, the entertainment circle was a group of people get a little black. The first is Ruby Lin [micro-blog] lying gun, married not long been crazy "forced" "bundling speculation"; and then the "snow aunt Wang Lin" [micro-blog], and a sun son’s intimate photo, but also by the evil slander; good personality of Ma Tianyu [micro-blog], is forced to shut micro-blog the comments and forwarding function. Behind this series of events, there is a dark force in the operation, and this force is the legendary black powder. The phenomenon of the main money, according to their instructions to say a word, anyone and anything, some people like others do not like. Because the star is a public figure, like and do not like to be infinitely enlarged, and this does not like to use a variety of expressions or the expression of the text is black powder. However, even the black powder, there are differences. Come on, let’s divide the class first. Passers by, also known as keyboard man. This group is relatively large, black star to a bit arbitrary. For example, the death of a friend of the star, the star if you do not send a micro-blog Memorial, then the hearts of passers-by strong moral sense will drive him to condemn the star. Of course, passers-by black often no principle, a turn of the limelight, you can turn black powder. Relatively speaking, the combat effectiveness is not strong. Professional black, this is great, but also divided into several categories. A person is black. They can’t control for a star of resentment, spontaneous, organized and planned to carry on star blackening. For example, often works to malicious brush the star’s poor guide to passers-by negative evaluation, or past history of a star of Tiaofenlvxi, depth of flayer, called black powder industry "Holmes". For example, the couple linho event, black powder to take leave of finishing two all the same picture frame, through micro expressions, found to show Wallace Huo that not love Ruby Lin. The other is professional black, which is a black powder fighter. They are often money work, pipeline operations, received gold master money to deposit the main indication of dirty water. However, to identify this kind of black powder, you need some discernment oh. Industry review or forward each time 2 hair, a few hundred dollars into the line of the day, the line out of the top three hundred and sixty. As long as willing to work hard, even if the black powder, but also capable of a career. The news broke the news, a monthly income of hundreds of thousands, in the black powder sector but soeasy oh. Due to the extent of the black powder business with micro-blog brush topic overlap, so most of micro-blog’s brush list companies can proxy black powder business. In this business, Mr. Wang told reporters that the black powder, a comment or a forwarding is 2 cents, if add some ideas, and some literary talent, then the charges in about 5 cents. Although the price is low, but wins in the volume of business, generally more than tens of thousands. It is understood that the black powder has become an industrial chain. Once the business reaches a certain number, some professional black powder head is not Pro Pro, will pull some off the assembly line, often in school students. First of all, make up a good copy, offline from the WeChat group in the task, distributed to a variety of communities相关的主题文章: