Another me in the world was well received in the interpretation of the meaning of travel 捷安特xtc750

"The world’s other me" was well received interpretation of the meaning of the trip – Yang Fan in September, 29, what is the meaning of the trip? In 2012, Yang Fan began with an almost "QiongYou" way to start their trip, he a road riding the Eurasian continent looking for "brave the wind and dew on me with a camera". 4 years later, produced by Iqiyi, Yang Fan studios produced the first domestic global motorcycle trip show new version of "another me in the world?" became the European season scored 9.1 marks in watercress. The end of the seventh episode broadcast "Midnight" after the Madrid, playing a total amount of more than 50 million. Travel documentary reality show is different from the mainstream, the creation of Yang Fan’s new version of "another me in the world." "a European season temperature means drunk is not wine" – European journey scenery magnificent, Yang Fan will be the protagonist of the story in different countries of different youth, they show this is the most beautiful scenery in the world — people. Yang Fan walked past the 12 European countries, found 16 "another me", but Yang Fan met every "I" are not the same, he met in Lithuania entrepreneur Tadas, has a huge adventure is a stunning new eastern beauty; French girl Lori is a ride "iron horse" can do the music and dance in the Moulin Rouge of the mixed girl, she has in the French countryside trail shuttle light, and with the audience feel Paris unique inclusive humanistic style; Austria Dan is a lucrative "QiongYou lovers" with Yang Fan, he broke a ride from Croatia to travel, tours as far as Men’s feelings are changeable. and feel another kind of life; the fairy kingdom Jacob of Denmark is the opposite of Yang Fan, because he is generally cool Nordic German Andre temporarily frustrated unemployment; And as the new immigrants from Ukraine, he is a microcosm of young people in Europe, in him the audience saw life in fact the most developed the most stable German side; Spanish girl Susanna is a very promising actress, she would like to treat acting as matadors usually always full of fighting spirit, so she the young man is behind the Madrid theatre stage…… The new version of "another me in the world. The European season", Yang Fan will improve the basic production funds are placed in the production, they still maintained a "ride" in the beginning of the heart — all riding a motorcycle wind forward, each to a rest point, still used to find their own place to the tent. The cooking fire.   相关的主题文章: