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"The first grade" warm heart of Captain Cheng Yi won the righteousness of God assists Mencius on-line entertainment Sohu Mencius & Cheng Yi;   Sohu since the Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "broadcast" the first grade, Cheng Yi in the program’s performance was well received by users sought various warm heart. # Yi into the first grade captain # warm topic has reached micro-blog hot topic list, presumably a lot of fans sister contribution flow results. It is reported that the upcoming fourth episode, Cheng Yi and then show the heart warming side, for the class a couple to find emotional experts to solve the contradiction between the two, it got the God of Meng Ziyi assists, two people you come to me to love you become a minute. [model couple appeared emotional crisis into solving problem in Jiwei Yi love] and Liu Jiawen can be said to be "the first grade graduation season?" Cobain raw team model couple, two people in a variety of programs in fancy show loving scene to let other students in the class feel ten thousand crit. The first round of screening in the war, the two fit singing a little love song is sweet to the entire screen are pink bubbles. Cobain students within the group "Xian Liang couples" enough abuse, it is a model of a couple, just do not give people leave a way out. In the latest episode, in Jiwei and Liu Jiawen appeared a little contradiction during the rehearsal. The two people in the program directly for choking, not only loud at each other, or even a fight, did not think the couple still Love Duet before the second, the next second. As the captain saw Cheng Yi class relations deteriorated, so frequently comforted Liu Jiawen, also said: "you give me a little Jiwei love, warm heart boy minutes on the line of identity. Estimated to see the program into Yi fans will certainly yell: my love for you! [Cheng Yi Meng Ziyi assists to find emotional experts to resolve conflicts] seeing their peace is useless, and the second round of screening games is coming, in order not to affect two people in normal play, Cheng Yi forced, had invited the famous emotion expert Zhang Yiyun, is in the cold war in Jiwei and Liu Jiawen to resolve internal conflicts. In order to make their own plans for the successful implementation of the Yi is to pull Meng Ziyi to cover their own, asking them to secretly give Liu Jiawen to cheat out. Heard that Meng Ziyi is going to take your see a mysterious friend, Liu Jiawen immediately jumped out from the sadness, instantly ignite gossip soul, a strength of questioning Meng Ziyi how to bring themselves to see where the Holy Spirit, let Mencius righteousness suddenly head unceasingly, can only hold the style is too big, not to hear. When Zhang Yiyun appeared in front of their own, Liu Jiawen immediately understand the painstaking heart Cheng Yi, through the emotional expert advice, Liu Jiawen openly said a lot on the surface when Jiwei dare not say, as everyone knows, the oriole in the post, Liu Jiawen said with relish, hiding in the corner in Jiwei was crystal clear. Can play to debate, but also when the love you, Cheng Yi this heart warming Boy skills almost full.相关的主题文章: