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Lianyungang two adorable baby volunteers picking up trash "work according to" Huobian circle of friends of Modern Express News (reporter Wang Xiaoyu) recently, a number of public numbers in Lianyungang are reproduced in a group of adorable baby photos, a two-year-old boy wearing a yellow vest in the street carrying a bag in the garbage. "Too cute!" Users can not help but sigh, the modern express reporter learned that this "doll volunteers" named his warm, Lianyungang Haizhou District East Street office staff of a child, recently Lianyungang is creating a health city, the staff at the weekend with their children at work, the photos sent to take online. All of a sudden fire. Adorable baby put a bag of streets to pick up trash according to network transmission of pictures, "adorable baby" garbage place in Lianyungang foreign language school on the west side of the Dragon River Road, in the photo, wearing a yellow vest small volunteers, seem less than a metre high, his hand around a bag, a hand it took the iron clip youmoyouyang clip of cigarette butts on the ground, behavior between very cute. The little guy neotenous, a pair of big eyes and wears a yellow vests made him very conspicuous. It is understood that the picking up trash in the small adorable baby named hot hot hot this year, only two years old, his mother Liu Lianyungang is a staff member of Haizhou District East Street office, Ms. Liu said, as the home for the elderly in poor health, usually their children. This year in Lianyungang during the creation of the National Health City, street community all the rest of the weekend to give up garbage and residential street, his mother has also been brought to his street taken from a small volunteer. People infected said no littering "he was with me at the beginning, a strong ability to imitate, then have to follow the pick, I gave him a big iron clip to teach him how to clip the garbage, then the clip more skilled." Liu said that they and the mother and a colleague composed of a group of three people, specifically responsible for the health work of the South River road. From June this year to now, every weekend morning 8:30 to 11:30, his mother will follow his time in the work place. So, you will often see a yellow vest wearing a small volunteer at the dragon river road. It is understood that his mother should follow his every four hundred or five hundred meters away, but he never cried, very sensible, partner with Ms. Liu’s colleagues on the child is full of praise, "I really envy her to have such a good child, really amazing!" Hot hot garbage looks seriously infected many passers-by, the beginning we are curious Coushang to take pictures of him, then see the child bent down to pick up the garbage in the hard way, are said to be like the child to learn, a force for the news, not littering, some men smoked. After the smoke will be conscious of the cigarette butts thrown into the roadside trash. Mother: is not to show his photos of his exercise hot circle of friends, many people see after all distressed small hot hot, this Liu said, this is an exercise of children, not only can cultivate children’s self-care ability, but also let him develop a good.相关的主题文章: