China Medicine University celebrated its 80 anniversary utc行家

To celebrate the 80 anniversary of the founding of China Medicine University recently held its 80 anniversary of China Medicine University, and the "double top" construction of the general assembly. China Medicine University was founded in 1936, formerly known as China’s first independent set of National Pharmaceutical School (Undergraduate four years). 1952, Qilu University Department of pharmacy, Soochow University pharmacy specialized into the formation of Chenghua pharmaceutical college, later renamed the Nanjing College of medicine. 1986, with the preparation of the Nanjing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine was established in China Medicine University, is now directly under the Ministry of education, the national "211 Project" focus on the construction of colleges and universities. In 80 years, the school has come out of the "Chinese herbal medicine" King Xu Guojun, synthetic bovine insulin project Niu Jingyi and other members of 9 academicians, trained more than 10 high-quality pharmaceutical talents for the country. President of China Medicine University professor Lai Maode entitled "don’t forget the heart, create brilliant" keynote speech, the school will take the initiative to assume to provide personnel, products and services in support of the mission, the necessary for the healthy development of the industry to strengthen cooperation, have substantial innovations, speeding up the development of early "among the national top universities in the world the construction of the ranks and first-class discipline".   would you like to know the latest educational information, ask the education confusion, share the educational experience and experience? It pays attention to Sina micro-blog Sina @ Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and found; the number of public concern or: education information YiDianTong (zj_edu); or the parents will join Sina Zhejiang, interactive official QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina Zhejiang to help group QQ group: 280980058. For more information please sweep the two-dimensional code Zhejiang education information YiDianTong  相关的主题文章: