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Hangzhou Metro three latest news released after you see there is no door for making friends in Hangzhou Metro three phase diagram, with the actual approval results shall prevail in Hangzhou city yesterday announced in 2016 the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) project, including the Metro Line 5, line 7, line 9 project 35 a total investment of about 180 billion yuan, the introduction of social capital in the amount of nearly 56 billion 200 million yuan. The so-called PPP, is that the government and social capital cooperation, namely the government to take a competitive way to choose the best investment, operation and management capacity of social capital, the two sides in accordance with the principle of equal consultation contract, clear responsibilities and rights, from the social capital to provide public services, according to the government public service performance evaluation results to social capital to pay the corresponding price to ensure the social capital to get a reasonable return. 35 the project released yesterday, involving municipal facilities (city water supply, sewage treatment, public parking lot, underground pipeline corridors, municipal road), traffic facilities (city rail transportation, ports, highways, railways, energy), public services (sports, hospitals, pension, culture), ecological environment, urbanization (promoting new urbanization development, the transformation of the old city) etc.. Subway Line No. 5 built in 2019 is about 51.5 kilometers, with 38 stations, the project has been to start building in 2014, the project entered the construction phase, the construction period is 2014 -2019. Total investment 37 billion 400 million yuan. Project intends to introduce 2 billion 548 million yuan of social capital, cooperation period of 25 years. Metro Line 5 is currently under the PPP project procurement. Metro Line 5 station Jiang Hui Lu began managing the construction, mainly on the road on both sides of the trees for migration, stage construction have little influence on traffic. The station is located in Jiang Hui Lu Bin Kang Road intersection, at the door and Cheng bin Ao 4S shop. Hangzhou Metro Line 5 "transfer king" nickname, a period (from Yuhang to Central Park station, finally Xiaoshan camphor Road Station) are respectively connected with both ends of the Hangzhou intercity railway and Hangzhou Shaoxing intercity railway, a rail line runs through the main backbone of the city area to the northwest, North and south, South side city "the 36 station, transfer station 14. This year, Metro Line 5 began full force, currently the fastest progress in Western Yuhang’s site, Hangzhou Normal University Station, often Road station has completed the main structure, Central Park station, WuChang Railway Station and Jiang Cun Railway Station station, warehouse and other sites are the main structure of the construction. But Jiang Hui Lu Station construction, means that the No. 5 line in Binjiang District subway construction began to speed. Metro Line 5 is located in the Binjiang site and River Road Station (River Road and South Road intersection), West (Hong Lu Jiang Bin Kang Lu and River Road intersection), Jiang Hui Lu Station (Jiang Hui Lu and bin Kang Lu intersection) and shore station (Kang Lu Bin Kang Lu and Fengqing Avenue intersection). The whole line is expected to be completed in 2019. Planning in 2021 to build Metro Line 7 is expected to start construction in 2017, the construction period is -2021 years in 2017. Total investment of 28 billion 200 million yuan, the project intends to introduce social capital of $3 billion 220 million, the term of cooperation for 16 years. At present, the PPP project is preparing preliminary implementation plan. Planning the construction of the first phase of Metro Line 9 in 2022.相关的主题文章: