Shenzhen green light officially opened on the first day of the penalty 9 tickets 申威1600

Shenzhen on the "red light" officially opened on the first day sent out 9 tickets – Beijing, Beijing, September 18 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Chen Wen) according to Shenzhen "the rule of law through 2016" deployment, Shenzhen formally in September 18th of "red light" illegal traffic began on the first day of punishment, Shenzhen police opened 9 ticket. Illegal drivers fined 300 yuan, a fine of $500 within a year from the third. On the same day, Shenzhen police in the city’s 95 renovation, from 7:30 to 19:30 to carry out the "red green 02" illegal special rectification actions. Traffic police brigade in conjunction with the intersection of the peak of each district, the peak of the rectification of the police, the traffic flow and the public to reflect the existence of such a situation to monitor the intersection. At the same time, traffic monitoring center opened 21 sets of electronic police, the "red light" illegal for non enforcement of the scene to capture. Shenzhen traffic police from September 1st to carry out publicity and education period, a total of 541 bus stations (stations), taxi companies (teams), network about car companies to carry out education. From September 8th onwards on the warning period "red light" to more than 300 cases of illegal law enforcement, publicity and education million passengers. At the same time, the driver also reflected in law enforcement to the scene of the traffic police, see the front intersection congestion was active waiting at the intersection of the first row, do not intend to enter the intersection, but the rear some vehicles are kept urging whistle, some impact on driving. In this regard, the Shenzhen traffic police said, in the green light law enforcement will further strengthen the management and enforcement of rear vehicle honking. (end)相关的主题文章: