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Hebei: Science and technology response gene editing technology to achieve the rain Han @ Chinese youth daily with existing institutions: Hebei University Of Science and Technology [Korea spring experimental results questioned the written response said: the existing mechanism with the Han Chunyu team gene editing technology to achieve specific information will be announced to the public] for some laboratories at home and abroad put forward can not be repeated NgAgo experimental results Han spring about October 14th, Hebei University Of Science and Technology offers a report entitled "on the question of public opinion written material achievements of Han spring response" to the media. The full text is as follows: thanks to the community’s concern, support and care for Hebei University Of Science and Technology! In May 2, 2016, associate professor of my school teacher Han Chunyu as corresponding author in the international journal "nature – Biotechnology" (Nature Biotechnology) published online on the "guide NgAgo single strand DNA gene editing tool", has aroused widespread concern and strong reaction. In this regard, the school has been given positive attention. At present, there have been independent of our school outside the organization using the Han Chunyu team’s NgAgo technology to achieve gene editing, the agency is working with the team to discuss the Han Chunyu. Specific information will be announced to the public in due course. In the light of the general laws of scientific research, a new scientific discovery often requires a longer verification cycle, especially in the initial stage of the results. I urge all sectors of the community to provide a harmonious and relaxed public opinion environment and cultural atmosphere, give them more support, a little more time, a little more patience, so as to be more conducive to scientific and technological progress and the development of science and technology workers. (Youth Online reporter Fan Jiangtao)相关的主题文章: