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Beijing traffic on the APP to provide real-time bus and other 20 query services – Beijing, August (Xinhua) (reporter Du Yan) there are a few minutes to the bus station? Which road jams need to detour? Yaohao? Yesterday, the 20 query function contains the above content can be at a glance through the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission official mobile phone APP "Beijing traffic query". In the future, the APP will also launch a new energy vehicle charging pile inquiries, rail traffic congestion query services. Currently, the city traffic Commission has been successfully on the line @ Beijing micro-blog, Beijing traffic WeChat, Beijing traffic subscription number WeChat and other new media platforms. The opening of the Beijing traffic APP the first phase of the line, including traffic information, service two sections. Among them, the "services" section to integrate real-time bus, public bicycle, comprehensive transfer, real-time traffic, passenger car index, query speed, card card, illegal traffic, subway inquiries, inter provincial passenger flight dynamics, train ticket query, driving route, gas station, maintenance enterprise, parking lot, rental inquiry, toll Lane walk, evaluation, traffic hotline 20 service functions, improve the comprehensive travel experience of the people. Like "Beijing traffic" APP into real-time bus online inquiries, the public can query the information real-time station 613 bus, real-time bus arrival information can also through the search function to find ways around the "around the bus station, the use of more convenient inquiry service. According to reports, by the end of this year, the city will be able to query the more than and 900 bus real-time arrival information. Through the "Beijing traffic" APP, the public will also be real-time vehicle information query of 12 counties, more than 2100 car rental outlets, and according to the "region", "distance" and other conditions to find qualified public bicycle network, and can use the software to provide fast navigation function to find the exact location. The public can also through the fusion of the "traffic control and real-time traffic for the whole road network traffic conditions, so as to design the most reasonable driving route;" illegal traffic "function can query whether there are violations within a period of time, to facilitate the timely tracking processing of traffic violations;" maintenance enterprises "can query the basic situation of maintenance enterprises to prevent" black ";" ETC speed card "functions, not only can apply online to do card, you can query statements, traffic records and other information, so that travelers navigate the expressway at ease. Beijing City Traffic Commission official said, will continue to introduce new traffic promotion, policy advice, traffic information service section, and is expected to launch a charging pile, custom bus, passenger rail traffic congestion and traffic system of administrative licensing matters and other enquiry service this year, constantly enrich and perfect the service content and the APP Mobile phone users people travel experience, and strive to become a good helper. 25, 2009, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission also donated to the China Bicycle Museum public bicycle equipment to record the development of bicycle changes. According to reports, the Beijing public bicycle from June 2012 the first batch of 2000 vehicles in Dongcheng, Chaoyang District two put into operation)相关的主题文章: