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Man 3 years ago is now 3 billion to buy off If You Are The One spent more than three years ago, a young man in Hongkong in the "left" background music, from the stage of If You Are The One lonely walk, from afar, Chen Jingyang has just been 24 blind date on the stage to. The embarrassed Chen Jingyang in their own territory, micro-blog said: "it is very cute." This is a female guest off in If You Are The One men, is now the Hongkong financial circles "financial Andy Hui, hand in charge of funds at least billions of dollars, and his management of the company also holding Vanke H shares 11.54% stake, becoming the first major shareholder of Vanke h shares. From a financial journalist turned gorgeous into well-known investment people in Chen Jingyang’s social platform, he thus expressed himself: "a love of speculation in the stock market before the financial reporter, earned less money, opened a flagship investment in central, once in the billions of dollars the ratings of the financial sector must show, said Andy Hui." In fact, three years ago in If You Are The One (March 2013) program, Chen Jingyang demonstrated his investment potential, he said he was in the main journal and the investment value of listed companies, and often visit. While in the program If You Are The One frustrated after Chen Jingyang began Lixin (Nexus Capital Management Limited) capital. December 10, 2013, Li Xin capital was founded, Chen Jingyang is the only natural person shareholders. Daily economic news reporter into the official website of the letter of credit capital, found that the company is located in the central Hongkong financial gathering. Li Li capital to introduce themselves, Li Xin capital is a private investment company headquartered in Hongkong, the main investment in the Hongkong stock market. With the rich experience of the investment team, the letter of capital to focus on exploring the growth of the space of equity investment projects, in order to maximize returns. In his blog prominently on the "Warren" Buffett’s words: "price is what you pay, value is what you get". In addition, Chen Jingyang will also be interviewed by the media. It is clear that the current Chen Jingyang "tall" appearance and participated in the If You Are The One has a world of difference. For the course of the growth of Chen Jingyang, the reporter on September 21st and 22, the continuous call letter capital calls to further exchanges, but did not contact successfully. However, the reporter from the Hongkong SAR government network company registry to Lixin capital original registration information, Hongkong media column "blue room" Yue members reported in 2014 and the reporter of micro-blog, Chen Jingyang himself more than the multi information platform for social capital, confirmed Lixin Chen Jing Yang is If You Are The One took part in the male guests Chen Jingyang. Vanke H shares to become the largest shareholder in the capital after the establishment of the letter of credit, not unknown to invest. The company announced in the portfolio, you can see Chinese Taiping, Lenovo, Tianjin development, Guotai Junan international, HKEx, BELLE and many other well-known companies. In the shareholding of the company, the force of the letter capital holds constant Teng network (00136, HK) (old name: Ma Ge Ge) of the shares, according to the 9 branch相关的主题文章: