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Super IP pushed up to tens of millions of traditional writers influence declining – Sohu original entertainment Wu Xin the monster killer   Beijing – Beijing Youth Daily reported in September 18th sponsored by the Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication of "IP and IP" seminar held recently in Tsinghua University, the College of media research group compiled the "blue book" 2016 Chinese IP Industry Report "also released. The report has selected the current public IP television project, through the analysis of the data model, to evaluate the influence of IP, and introduced the "super IP-TOP100 Chinese influence list, ranked in the top three were" 19 days "," Tomb notes "and" journey to the West ". Some "super IP" project pushed up to ten million level IP is the copyright or intellectual property rights in recent years, from the television to the adaptation of the game, and then to the surrounding product development, IP has received more and more film industry and capital markets sought. Especially many popular novels based on the film adaptation projects, such as "the movie to us eventually lost youth", "ghost chuideng" the Dragon tactic and the TV series "energy-saving" and "bone" and other works of flower success, let the market increasingly popular IP. In 2016 the film released simultaneously, network station linkage broadcast "smiled very little" is to provide a template for all media, the whole industry chain development of IP products. Film and television companies and investors generally believe that a large number of original fans and high visibility of the IP can save marketing costs, low risk, high return, and thus has a higher investment value. This leads to IP trading prices soaring, the original author of the price soared, some "super IP" project pushed up to tens of millions of levels, individual writers have not even finished has been scheduled. On the other hand, many industry insiders and experts for the hot IP market heavy-hearted, IP market bubble theory, IP depletion said bad mouthing IP sound can be heard without end. The network has become the most important source of novel film IP according to the "2016 China IP Industry Report" pointed out that nearly 200 domestic IP project in 2016 Chinese film market has been included in the development plan, including a number of film and television company announced a single chip or even 100% is IP. In the Chinese Super IP-TOP100 influence list, the network novel for 61, accounting for 61%; traditional novels for the 29, accounting for more than 29%. Group leader Lu Jinzhu said, the original traditional writing project the proportion fell sharply, network novel has become the most important source of IP film, comic adaptation of the film may become a new growth point, because after the "one hundred thousand" movie joke after success, there are already 9 comic works into this list. IP source in the film industry in the influx of hot money led by Professor Cui Baoguo, vice president of School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University seminar, deputy general manager of audiovisual communication research center of Peking University, director of the land, CI Wen media chairman Ma Zhongjun, Wanda Wei Xiangdong, ray Zhang Hang, President of the youth media light (Ding Dingzhang), Beijing Millennium sunshine film company chairman Ji Hong this guest相关的主题文章: