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BMW new 5 Series official map   domestic long wheelbase version – Sichuan channel point the day and await for it — the original title: the new BMW 5 Series official figure released domestic long wheelbase version of Beijing in October 13, point the day and await for it (E Zhichao) European 13, BMW officially released a new generation of 5 models of the official figure. The new car will be officially released in the January 2017 North American auto show, then the domestic long wheelbase version will also point the day and await for it. A new generation of BMW 5 Series code named G30, is the current model of the new generation of products. The new generation 5 series uses the new CLAR platform to build, and the use of high strength steel more and more lightweight aluminum material, so the car servicing quality is reduced by 100 kg. The new 5 series of long and wide high dimensions were up to 49351868 1466mm, wheelbase 2975mm, compared to the previous generation models have a small increase. BMW brand iconic dual kidney grille with the open corner of the headlight design, shows that the car is based on a more traditional rear drive platform (BMW predecessor platform products designed to open the corner of the eye lamp). In addition, the appearance of a large number of new cars in accordance with the new generation of 7 series of design language, visual effects and movement. The car retains the current model line on the side of the body design, but also inherited some of the design details of the 7 models. For example, Hoffman corner window trim C column sickle shaped decoration, stout mountain front wing and waistline is more three-dimensional. In the rear of the car, the new generation of BMW 5 Series retains the family style design elements, taillights more flat shape, while different models will have different shapes of exhaust pipe. The new 5 Series plug-in hybrid version of the new 5 Series campaign designed to suit this time, a new generation of BMW 5 series also introduced the different appearance of the package, including the design of luxury suits and sports suits, M Sport design suite and plug-in hybrid vehicle. The new car will have a dedicated 17 wheels for the election, the M package will also have a M style body surrounded by quadrilateral and exhaust. In the interior part of the new 5 series is very similar to the design style of the Department of the 7, BMW has always maintained a bias in the driver’s console design. The new car is equipped with a new three spoke steering wheel, large size LCD screen, as well as the latest iDrive system and Internet technology. In addition, BMW claims that a new generation of 5 series to enhance the performance of the vehicle noise control, further enhance the ride experience. This time, BMW car seats and space design would like to move closer to the spacious style, which is still the case in the back of the three adults are still riding a good performance. A new generation of 5 series is equipped with the first appeared in the 7 series of gesture control system, including voice control and the latest iDrive system will be equipped with. High resolution 10.25 inch screen can be selected, and added a touch function. In addition, the new car will be equipped with a standard head up display, automatic air conditioning, air purification kit, ambient lighting, 16 speaker B& W audio, 12 speaker Harman audio Kardon. New one)相关的主题文章: