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The couple will serve as the "ring 2" heroine too had only played a piece of Cailee Spaeny time reported by Steven · S· · Boyejia DNET directed, John, Scott; · Eastwood determined to join the "Pacific 2" recently finalized the heroine – American singer Cailee Spaeny will serve as a new actor of female film no.. "Pacific 2" will be Cailee Spaeny second films, also will be the first big production she starred in, after performing the new record only one independent thriller "Counting to 1000", at present, her role in the film has been exposed. John · Boyejia will play a part in the sacrifice of Iraq’s Stirk Alba drese · · general Pant Kost’s son. Scott · the role of Eastwood is currently no official introduction. "Pacific Rim" although "Pacific Rim" poster director Gilmer · Del · Toro has said before, most of the original class cast will return, but now Kikuchi Rinko, Charlie ·, Robert · Dai; Kazinsky, Lang · Pullman has not made clear in the sequel will. And starring Charlie · Hunnam confirmed that will not join the ring too 2. The film will be produced in Australia in November, released in the United States in February 23, 2018.相关的主题文章: