Two child policy fully liberalized in Hangzhou for the past 1 years, the birth of the mother of the 三色网

The two child policy fully liberalized 1 years Hangzhou mother of two children born into the peak last October, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee decided to fully implement a couple can have two children policy, also is the full liberalization of the two child policy. The past year, the "season" of the first batch of two children, the baby has been born, with two children coming together, and the rapid growth of the maternal consumer market, like a rocket and the soaring price maternal consumption. Reporter Shen Jihui gold queues up to nearly 30 thousand senior Yuesao seven or eight years ago, the Hangzhou market services in the basic price of three thousand or four thousand yuan, four or five years ago, rose to five thousand or six thousand yuan. Two years ago, ordinary Yuesao prices rose to 6000-10000 yuan. To this year, 10 thousand yuan can only go to a novice yuesao. 3 Yuesao has been sought after, 3 Group Chairman Tao Xiaoying said, at present the company Yuesao prices are mainly divided into third gear, 9800 yuan, 13800 yuan and 16800 yuan. "Now is the first batch of two children born baby time, orders this year than in previous years at least Yuesao more than doubled". Zhejiang City Family Services Limited according to the working time Yuesao is mainly divided into five, respectively 6800 yuan, 8800 yuan, 9800 yuan, 12800 yuan and 15800 yuan, respectively, corresponding to the service life of Yuesao is about 1 years, 3 years, 5 years, 5-8 years and 8 years. Yuesao service 26 days. The staff said, there are more than and 300 gold in March next year before the schedule has been basically full month, now only booking next April and May yuesao. Million Yuesao is only "". Hangzhou Tower is a flagship high-end Yuesao postpartum repair brand, in recent years Hangzhou has opened 7 stores, according to the level of Yuesao is divided into 10500 yuan, 14600 yuan, 18800 yuan and 29800 yuan four files, now just open next March reservation. The staff said, because booking out more, before February next year to Yuesao "restriction", which is the only random allocation by the company, customers can specify, after March mothers can freely choose the opportunity. The staff also suggested that better conservation body, especially the older two child mother, had better take the double confinement. As a result, equivalent to double the price. The gold price will rise almost every year, and each round of price adjustment are thousands started. Two years ago can yuan please Yuesao in this company, now extinct million. Out of the month, in the workplace two child moms parenting sister essential. This year, the price of parental Chengcheng to jump. Last year, Ms. Lin of Hangzhou spend 4800 yuan from the nanny market please a baby sitter, Ms. Lin at the end of active rose to 5200 yuan, rose to 6000 yuan this year, the nanny asked Ms. Lin, she had to be dismissed. "The boss this year of kindergarten, sometimes also need nanny help, she is not happy." Ms. Lin said. At present, the Hangzhou market through professional training service in 4000-6 parental price.相关的主题文章: