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You come and see! Jiaxing network about the car management rules for public comment in everybody’s time and again, north of Guangzhou Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places have introduced a new network about cars, more netizen Beijing, the new policy network about cars if introduced, probably to unmarried young women’s welfare. 2016 who can think of, destruction Jiayuan, Lily network is actually a taxi drops! The morning of October 12th, the Jiaxing Municipal Transportation Bureau held a news conference, released about the car network management rules (Draft), and to the public for comments. The car owners are most concerned about the network of about 1, about car drivers and vehicles shall meet the following conditions: (a) in the city to obtain business license online car platform company agreed to access its operation; (two) the Zhejiang F license; (three) the car is not over 4 years of age, the mileage of not more than 30 thousands of meters; (four) the technical rating of the vehicle reaches a level; (five) the fuel car vehicle purchase tax minimum tax price of not less than 100 thousand yuan, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2600mm, the vehicle purchase tax is the lowest tax price in 150 thousand yuan of above is not restricted by the standard of the vehicle parameters; new energy vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2600mm the new energy power, pure state mileage of not less than 250km; (six) with compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, liability insurance carriers and other vehicles operating related insurance; (seven) with the installation of vehicle satellite recording function Emergency alarm device, positioning device, vehicle satellite positioning device meets the requirements of "road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technology" (JT T 794) application in the net about car drivers operating services, in accordance with the "Interim Measures" provisions of the conditions, should also meet the following conditions: (a) with the city accounts or non residence in the city but in this city have made "residence in Zhejiang province" and the city’s social security in payment and has continuous payment of more than two years, except has made the city’s taxi driver qualification in the prior to the date of publication of the Association; (two) does not exceed the statutory retirement age; (three) no significant over the traffic accident in the last 3 years; (four) in the last 3 years no road transport illegal business 2 times and above; (five) engaged in the car rental service parade, nearly 3 years of service quality credit assessment The results of a class and above; (six) in the past 3 years without the cancellation or revocation of the taxi driver qualification record. Finally, the long-awaited new deal came out, in fact, we want, but a taxi more convenient, of course, security is a prerequisite!相关的主题文章: