J.queen& little queen.2017 released stunning China International Fashion Week sql2005安装图解

J.Queen& Little Queen.2017 released stunning China international fashion week in October 27th, by China International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, a person (International) Group Co. Ltd., Guangdong Guose wedding dress Co., Ltd. jointly organized by Bentley, Oriental culture media, the concept of Jiuba Culture Development Co. Ltd., Fanny Douding & Han is jointly sponsored J.QueenLittle Queen.2017 in spring and summer advanced customization conference "was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel. International supermodel supermodel Zhang Ling months not Wan Dan; International; Chinese chief supermodel Liu Tongtong led 2016 twenty-second China Model Star Contest runner up Cui Chenchen and Xie day Mai Methi Jean, Liu Wenjing and Zhati international supermodel Nur Xie small lovely children die together to show the unique charm of the "Queen" of color – brand clothing. International supermodel supermodel Nur Xie Mo Banten and small this season for inspiration "Sissi" in this season in the top 10 Fashion Designer famous Chinese by Xie Jiaqi and common Guangdong Guose wedding dress design. Let you feel the design and quality of the internationalization of the charm, to innovative design practices, take you into the Austro Hungarian Empire, Vienna nature of magical and wonderful artistic conception! Show the unique charm of "Guose – Queen" brand clothing. A month old Chinese chief international supermodel supermodel Liu Tongtong 2016 China Model Star Contest Champion new Jin Cui 2016 China CNR Model Star Contest runner up day Zhati Xie Mai Methi Jean 2016 China Model Star Contest runner up Liu Wenjing international supermodel Nur 2015 small Xie China Super Model Contest Champion design will be the unique K.G.S Kang Senior embroidery the use of bright colors and fabric technology, bring a strong impact to the human senses. Combined with the jungle wilderness atmosphere, with embroidered flowers elements in different categories, showing the spirit beautiful vivid outline, let you in the lake and the fields in heart fluttering, free and unrestrained. The J.QueenLittle finale international supermodel not Wan Dan Queen and Guangdong Guose wedding dress together, mapping out the brand culture and design idea of the perfect combination of both national and international technology are the traditional design concept, every evening dress beauty show most vividly. "The Queen" – hand embroidered Guose bespoke evening dress unique fine, pure in the stage from the flowers dotted with the elegant colors of the dream, build a fairy tale dream for all women, sway to all the sparkling stars, dazzling fashion also wore "Guose – Queen" evening dress "Queens & Little Queens" became the most elegant queen. "J.QueenLittle Queen.2017 spring summer haute couture conference"相关的主题文章: