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Haze days open heaters will make the car environment worse? Sohu auto weather cold, in the course of driving, some owners tend to close the window. But we will find that the vehicle in populated areas, especially in traffic jams, even open air conditioning, but the car is full of similar exhaust smell, even in the open place or high-speed roads, sometimes feel dizziness. The reason is that the owners in the driving process, there is no proper use of internal and external circulation caused by. There are some internal and external circulation of a key cycle switch, and some cars are two keys. The use of internal and external circulation, should be combined with air conditioning, warm air. The outer loop, you can breathe the fresh air outside the car, driving at high speed, long time feel air pollution inside the car, people uncomfortable, and can not open the window, you should use the external circulation management in winter breeze; open air feel too hot, can turn off the fan, open the outer loop, can maintain the temperature inside the car again, there is fresh air, feel more comfortable. In the face of serious traffic jam and lots of time, or follow the vehicle exhaust emissions may exceed the standard, should put the heater switch to the inner loop mode temporarily, window vehicles should be temporarily closed the window. The main form of this habit, according to the car outside the air condition, timely adjustment of the car air conditioning system. If winter haze days open cycle or internal circulation? This problem is actually small is very tangled, the circulating air is sucked into the outside of the vehicle, the haze weather, obviously can not do so, and the inner loop is easy to make windshield fog. Can only say that both flexible application. If the city is best used in haze days driving cycle, can keep the car heat in winter, the moisture in the air concentration, the automobile exhaust is not easy to spread, and the road is not good, if the slow driving speed outer loop will the inhalation of automobile exhaust, the air inside the car is not good. If it is in the suburbs or freeway, with external circulation will be much better, fresh air in the vehicle, the car and the car temperature difference will be smaller, not easy to frost on the windscreen. Is it not for oil and internal and external circulation? The car is actually the engine air heating temperature by the fan blowing into the car to achieve a heating effect, so independent and internal and external circulation, but to pay attention to car has just started not to open the warm air immediately, wait until the water table pointer to the middle position and then open the warm air. Open the warm air, in order to make the car can make rapid heating air circulation adjustment cycle, the feeling of moderate temperature can tune into the car inside and outside circulation to prevent excessive carbon monoxide. In addition, to remind the owners, encountered in the haze or outside of the car more particles in the air, in the closing windows, do not forget to close the outer loop to block the external air flow. The usual cycle state in the parking lot is best set, because the external circulation condition, the wind blowing dust easily into the car, the car environment becomes worse. About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician 4S shop 10 minutes, answer your car repair, maintenance, car and other aspects of the problem. PS: Car master also opened the door to install the service system in the country相关的主题文章: