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Fujian thousands of people search for 3 year old boy lost the mountains after 63 hours survived – Sohu news Xiao Yun Kai were found. Wang Faxiang figure Beijing Wuping 25 September, "back good, come back just fine!……" 24, about 6:30, lost 63 hours of Xiao Yun Kai finally found in Xiang Shan Tou Murayama Yo Cun Wo Wuping County of Fujian Province on a hillside, father Pan Xuanchong and mother Pan Guanrong hugged the child cried. Early in the morning the same day, to participate in the search, at two or three in the morning to go home and rest for friends and neighbors, visit into small cloud Kay immediately after hearing the news at home. When you see the child safely in his mother’s arms, hanging in the hearts of a stone finally landed, the cadres and the masses involved in the search to be happy to cry. 3 years old little boy mountains live 63 hours 24 days around 6:20, hilltop village Lan Lan Ying, Zhong Donglian, Cong Lian, Liu Rongyu and other four villagers to Wo Wuping County Xiang Murayama Yo Cun Hill repair cement road, a mountain pass from the village about 5 kilometers? When suddenly heard a child called "grandma" the voice of the hillside. Lan Conglian immediately put down tools, to find out the child is a mountain, on the afternoon of 21 lost little Kay cloud, immediately contact the Hill Village Pan routing. Get the message routing quickly called small cloud pan Kai’s parents and other 3 people on the motorcycle, the children back home. Preliminary examination by the medical staff, the child’s physical health. After arriving home, the parents and friends of the small cloud Kai, immediately to comfort the child comfort. How did the little boy get lost? Where did he go? What has been through? In the small cloud Kay home, we see the child’s feet, legs are full of scratches on the tree, the right ear is also a deep scar. Frightened little cloud Kay, a stranger to see the crying. Little Kay’s feet were full of scratches. "Come back, the child has been crying. Occasionally fall asleep, will also be awakened." According to the small cloud Kay’s father said, the children go home after only intermittently spoke one or two words, meaning he is to have a good long wall, where there is water, slept on the ground. The father of Pan Xuanchong over the years has been working in Anhui, 21 evening news, 23 noon arrived home, "a home, I was crazy looking, but no news." Xiao Yun Kai mother Pan Guanrong said the child lost, she these days without sleep, "frantic! Especially after 23, two days did not see traces of the child, thought the worst, it almost fainted!" The mountain in the field, the children find? At the children home to the East, the middle mountain? There was a lot of water to the hill, surrounded by dense forests, a 3 meter wide mud road leading to Changting County Hongshan Hill Township Village car. The child was lost from home, has been moving forward, do not know to turn over a number of mountains to get here, from walking to be found, the little boy alone in the field for 63 hours. "A child is only 3 years old can really think about such tramp over mountains and through ravines, very afraid." Been involved in search!相关的主题文章: