Xingtai spoony male throughout the city to find the lost pregnant wife and a few days of labor下北glory days

Xingtai spoony male throughout the city to find the lost pregnant wife and a few days before and after the cold winter in the city, but there is still a man riding a tricycle to run around in the high streets and back lanes. He called Wang Qunan, yesterday, a smell of earth, bearded him, came to "news" editorial department. To reporters on a card, the above is a 83 year woman named Tian Xianjuan was born. "This is my wife soon after, suffering from postpartum depression, a few days ago in the kiln slope in mining area of Shahe city lost……" He told reporters about the restrained sorrow. These days he has been riding the electric tricycle, almost all over the city. Lost his wife more than 10 days and nights of only 7 points to find his wife Wang Qunan Wang Qunan in the morning of October 28th, Yaopo mine home, and his wife disappeared. A circle can not find a wife, just look at mine monitoring, through the monitoring, he saw his wife on a 8 road car after missing. Since then, Wang Qunan began to find his wife’s journey". "Have you seen a woman wearing a yellow sweater, black pants, red shoes, the spirit of a little unusual, pregnant." Every morning, he was riding a tricycle, around the hit man, took out his wife’s identity card inquiry. There is a quilt in his car, tired car Mideng. Around the city of Shahe, around the city of Xingtai, each saw a person to ask again, can be 10 days without a clue. "She had a history of depression, another half a month to the birth. No, adults and children are likely to be out of the accident, ah ah." He has restrained himself, here can not help but sob. More than ten years to treat his wife Wang Qunan never abandon a child of 10 years old, was born before the boss, Tian Xianjuan’s spirit can be normal, one month after the onset of the disease. She often in a daze, do not love to talk, do not know to hide in the rain." Wang Qunan told reporters, his wife was diagnosed as postpartum depression, a long time, the wife spirit started some abnormal, until now. A few years later, Tian Xianjuan lost many times, are back to the police station. Later, in the waste recycling work Wang Qunan, insisted that the wife with you all the time. These years, Wang Qunan took his wife to the hospital, spent a lot of money, let the poor family one disaster after another. But his wife’s condition has not improved, but he still insisted to take care of his wife, for her illness. "She had no children, mom." Wang Qunan said firmly, "as long as she came back, borrow money to be optimistic about the disease."

邢台痴情男全城寻走丢孕妻 还有几天就临产   入冬前后的城市异常寒冷,但有一个男人依旧骑着三轮车奔波在大街小巷。他叫王群安,昨日,一身泥土味儿、胡子拉碴的他,来到《牛城晚报》编辑部。向记者递上一张身份证,上面是一位83年出生的女士,名叫田现娟。   “这是我快临盆的妻子,患有产后忧郁症,前几天在沙河市窑坡矿区走失了……”他克制着悲伤向记者讲述着。这些天他已骑着电动三轮,几乎走遍这座城。 走失的妻子   十多天不眠不休只为寻妻 王群安   10月28日早上7点,王群安在窑坡矿区的家休息,一转身妻子不见了。转了一圈找不到妻子,就翻看矿区的监控,通过监控,他看到妻子上了8路车后,不知所踪。   从那以后,王群安就开始了寻妻的“旅程”。“有没有看到过一个女人,穿着黄色羊毛衫,黑色裤子,红色鞋,精神有点儿异常,怀着孕。”每天天不亮,他就骑着电动三轮车,到处转,碰到人,就拿出妻子的身份证询问。   在他的车上有一床被子,累了就车上眯瞪会儿。走遍了沙河市,转遍了邢台市,每看见一个人,都要问一遍,可10天来没有一点儿线索。   “她有忧郁症,再过半个月就到预产期了。再找不到,大人小孩都有可能出意外,可咋办啊。”一直克制自己的他,说到这里不禁哽咽。   十几年不离不弃为妻治病   王群安的家中还有一个10岁的孩子,在生下老大前,田现娟精神正常,可产后一个月开始发病。“她常常发呆,不爱说话,淋雨也不知道躲。”王群安告诉记者,妻子被医生诊断为产后忧郁症,时间一长,妻子的精神开始有些异常,一直到现在。   随后几年,田现娟走失过多次,都是被派出所找回。后来,在废品回收站打工的王群安,坚持将妻子时刻带在身边。   这些年,王群安带妻子到各大医院看病,花费不少钱,让这个本贫穷的家庭雪上加霜。可妻子的病情仍未有好转,但他仍坚持照顾妻子,为她治病。   “没了她,孩子就没妈了。”王群安坚定地说,“只要她回来,借钱也要看好病。”相关的主题文章: