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Chongqing, a female WeChat live cut wrist suicide, a friend promptly rescued the police in the evening of September 18th, when the public Ms. Zhang playing WeChat before sleep, a friend Chen Chen sent a suicide shot pictures, let her hair creepy. She immediately called, but nobody answered. Suspect Ms. Chen committed suicide at home, Ms. Zhang immediately call 110 for help. Around 8:40 in the evening, Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau Guanyin Bridge police station after receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the Yanghe River Road, a residential area 18 floor, Ms. Chen’s doorstep. After the identity, the police shouted and knocked, the house has no answer. Worried that Ms. Chen may really be in danger, the police immediately contact the unlock master, and tried to enter Ms. Chen’s home in various ways. A few minutes later, Ms. Chen dragged the limp body to open the door, then fell to the ground, unconsciousness. There was a marked cut on her right wrist, and her blood was flowing to the ground. Police immediately called the 120 alarm, and Chen for simple bandaging hemostasis. Late 9:15, 120 ambulance arrived on the scene, and Ms. Chen rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. At this point, the alarm, Ms. Zhang also rushed to the scene, and escorted Ms. Chen hospitalized emergency. It is understood that Ms. Chen is 33 years old, this period of time because of work, life in all aspects of frustration, resulting in a bad mood. On the spur of the moment, it chose to commit suicide. Fortunately, her wrist was discovered by her friend in time, which brought her back from the death line. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Zihan

重庆一女子微信直播割腕自杀 朋友及时报警获救   9月18日晚上,市民张女士睡前玩微信时,朋友陈女士发来一张割腕自杀的图片,让她毛骨悚然。她立即打去电话,却始终无人接听。怀疑陈女士在家有轻生行为,张女士立即拨打110报警求助。   晚上8点40分左右,江北区公安分局观音桥派出所接到报警后,民警立即赶往洋河路某小区18楼陈女士的家门口。表明身份后,民警喊话、敲门,屋内始终无人应答。担心陈女士可能真的出现危险,民警立即联系开锁师傅,并通过各种方式试图进入陈女士家中。   几分钟后,陈女士拖着瘫软的身子将房门打开,随即倒在地上,意识不清。只见她的右手手腕有明显割伤的痕迹,血流了一地。民警见状立即拨打120报警,并为陈某进行简单的包扎止血。   晚9点15分,120急救车赶到现场,并将陈女士送往医院进行紧急治疗。此时,报警人张女士也赶到现场,并护送陈女士入院急救。   据了解,陈女士今年33岁,这段时间因为工作、生活各方面的不如意,导致心情一直不好。一时想不开,才选择了轻生。好在割腕照及时被朋友发现,这才将她从死亡线上拉了回来。   上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 王梓涵相关的主题文章: