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Look at the mobile phone guy ride knocked the elderly but police said the encounter pengci Strait news network September 19th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter correspondent Wu Zhen Chen Rongjin) 17 evening, Fuzhou Lake police station received a report together pengci, the police rushed to the first mountain Binhai District Carnival to understand the situation, that is because of riding together look at the mobile phone caused by pedestrian accidents. That night, 68 year old Huang Yibo walk in the District, suddenly back was a bit top, a center of gravity, the heavy fall in the ground. Huang Yibo was found on the ground, he was a young man riding electric car hit. "According to the residents next to the incident, the incident young people riding electric cars, still looking at the mobile phone." Police said that young people see the old man down, did not dare to help, call the police called encounter pengci, afraid of being old false money". After questioning by the police, Zhang Mou, 21 years old, admitted that he looked at the electronic book while riding a bicycle. Subsequently, Zhang accompanied by Peter Huang to the hospital, but fortunately Huang Yibo except back bruise, hands and knees a bit bruised, no big deal. Zhang initiative to bear the medical expenses and compensation for 1000 yuan, Huang, the two sides reached a settlement. (the net) related video: pengci street by the police Duandiao gang.

小伙骑车看手机撞倒老人 却报警称遇“碰瓷”海峡网9月19日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 吴臻 通讯员 陈荣锦)17日傍晚,福州对湖派出所接到一起“碰瓷”的报警,民警赶到首山路滨海嘉年华小区了解情况后,才知道是一起因骑车看手机引发的撞人事故。当晚,68岁的黄依伯在小区内散步时,突然后背被顶了一下,一个重心不稳,重重摔在了地上。黄依伯倒在地上发现,自己是被一个骑着电动车的年轻人撞到了。“根据旁边的居民反映,事发时年轻人骑着电动车,还一直看手机。”民警说,年轻人见老人倒地不起,又不敢去扶,打电话报警称“遇到碰瓷,怕被老人讹钱”。后在民警的追问下,21岁小伙张某承认,是他边骑车边看电子书,一不留神才撞到老人的。随后,张某陪同黄依伯到医院检查,所幸黄依伯除了背部被碰伤,手掌和膝盖有点擦伤之外,并无大碍。张某主动承担医药费,并赔偿老黄1000元,双方达成和解。(海峡网)相关视频: 街头碰瓷 警方顺藤摸瓜端掉团伙 >相关的主题文章: