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For the first time in Wuhan, the highest price limit was issued to the landlord, the original title of the people’s network: Wuhan first assigned the highest price limit to the land sold, and the 20 announcement of the Wuhan Municipal Land Planning Bureau made 18 plots, of which 11 limited the highest price. This is the first time in Wuhan to add the "maximum price" clause in the land auction, set up the price of the land to sell the land, to cool the overheated property market. The announcement shows that the 11 plots of the limited price are pure residential or residential land. The maximum price limit is clear, the highest price is compared to the start price, the premium rate is about 49%, 87.5%, 99.9% three grades. The premium rates of each block are controlled within 100%, and some are less than 50%. If the bid price reaches the set cap price, the bidding person shall be determined according to the provisions of the listed documents. The announcement of the starting price of the highest plots located in Hanyang Yang Si Hong Kong area "of Xingang Yangtze River City" plots, the starting price of 6 billion 500 million yuan, but the price limit is 12 billion 200 million yuan. Industry insiders say the plot will be the biggest hit in the auction. Previously sold in the vicinity of the land, the large housing enterprises, such as Fuxing, after 381 rounds of competition, became the "king of the region" at that time. If the land sale does not have a price limit, or will be the new "king of the earth" again. Since July this year, there have been more than 10 consecutive "king of land" in Wuhan, which has repeatedly refreshed the new high land price. In August 31st, Wuhan issued the "opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of the real estate market", and improved the adjustment of the conditions of the public land transfer, and raised the proportion of the competitive margin of the residential projects to 60%. The owner of the land transaction premium must be paid within 10 working days from the date of land transaction. If the overdue payment is not paid, it will be eligible for cancellation and liable for breach of contract according to law. When the bidder’s bid is obviously abnormal, the Ministry of land may adjust the assignment rules according to the provisions of the transfer document. (reporter Xu Haibo) (commissioning editor E Zhichao and Dou Ming)

武漢首次對出讓地塊設“最高限價令”–房產–人民網 原標題:武漢首次對出讓地塊設“最高限價令” 武漢市國土規劃侷20日公告出讓18宗地塊,其中11宗限定了最高價。這是武漢首次在土地拍賣中附加“最高限價”條款,對出讓地塊設定封頂價,為過熱的樓市降溫。 公告顯示,這11宗被限價的地塊為純住宅或住宅商服綜合用地。其中最高限價金額明確,最高價相比於起拍價,溢價率大約為49%、87.5%、99.9%三個檔次。各地塊溢價率均控制在100%以內,有的甚至低於50%。如果競價達到設定的封頂價,按掛牌文件規定方式確定競得人。 此次公告的起拍價最高地塊為位於漢陽楊泗港地區“新港長江城”地塊,起拍價65億元,但限定的最高價是122億元。業內人士表示,這一地塊將是此次拍賣會中的最大熱門。此前附近地區出讓的地塊,被復星等大型房企經過381輪舉牌爭奪,成為噹時的區域“地王”。如果此次地塊出讓不設限價,或將再次成為新的“地王”。 今年7月以來,武漢連續出現10多個“地王”,一再刷新樓面地價新高。8月31日,武漢出台《關於促進房地產市場持續平穩健康發展的意見》,完善土地公開出讓條件的調整,將居住類項目競買保証金比例,調升至60%。地塊成交溢價部分,競得人必須自土地成交之日起10個工作日內繳清;踰期未繳納的,取消競得資格,並依法追究違約責任。競買人出價明顯異常時,國土部門可依据出讓文件規定調整出讓規則。(記者徐海波) (責編:鄂智超、竇明)相关的主题文章: