Cross border comedy king, the elimination of white Kennan imitation of the enlarged recruit Cai Qin -音羽かなで

"King of comedy" cross knockout white Kennan imitating Cai Qin zoom trick – Kennan ‘s Fei Yuqing Fei Yuqing entertainment Sohu white white Kennan birthday three dance entertainment Sohu tomorrow night, Beijing satellite TV, "the king of comedy," cross-border second programs will produce the first out of places, so the five cross industry guests showed a high level of. Comedian Bai Kainan Fei Yuqing as the brother of comedy "agent", not only to help play partner but also with Fei Yuqing Shimeng Chiang, who released more strokes to imitate now singing, now dancing, singer Cai Qin, stunning the audience vividly. After fierce competition in the first phase, the row in the white Kennan Fei Yuqing combination in second, in the second period of the knockout, they are ready to come up with their own "killer": that is a parody of. The same as the imitation of heartthrob Fei Yuqing on Kennan’s proposal also hit it off, and in the field of white Kennan birthday, two people tacit understanding is a perfect fit threatened showed the highest level, ready to attack the champion. For the script, the white Kennan team is polished day and night, in a limited time internal force for each package must be wonderful. They have always believed that the cross comedy king on the stage, there can be a clever misunderstanding, there can be a reasonable embarrassment, you can have the potential to stimulate, you can also reflect the human nature. It is also the most important difference from the other comedy programs. It is reported that the cross-border comedy king, the first phase knockout, will be broadcast every Saturday at 20:30 on Beijing tv. In addition, the Rio Olympic Games popularity invincible "prehistoric girl" Fu Yuanhui will be confirmed to join the "cross-border comedy king", so that the audience really look forward to.相关的主题文章: