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Environmental protection law legislators proposed in the capital to build the nude Park won the multi support – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in France pan bright] recently, France three environmental legislators to the Paris City Council submitted a set of naturalism in the capital (nude) park. Their proposals will be discussed and voted in parliament on Monday and Wednesday. Although the content of the proposal is still in the experimental stage, but it seems to have been multi support. The French "express" reported that 26 suggestions upon exposure, and free French naturalism Association official said that the absolute frison, is a good news, because people can face naked and accept themselves, and give people a quiet. In fact, public places for people living naked naturalism in France is not new, in addition to a nude beach outside, in Mulhouse and Dijon City, similar places already exists. "It is a pity that, according to the total population, Paris is rather backward in the field of naturalism," the spokesman added." At present, the Parisian only in the twelfth District of Roger? Le Gyalo can enjoy swimming in the nude, but because of the limited time available and the number of charges, too many other reasons, the naturalist in Paris often "nowhere to be naked".相关的主题文章: