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Chinese Bridge host Dashan: Although I was a foreigner but not an outsider – Entertainment Sohu partner Wang Han presided over the mountains of the "Chinese Bridge"   Sohu with Chinese entertainment news influence and international status, the Hanban promotes, in recent years, more and more foreigners start to learn Chinese, but also more and more outstanding in the world young people to the "Chinese Bridge" stage, there are 146 students in the competition from 108 countries around the world this year, the number of participants in the history of the most international set off a new round of "Chinese fever". In the development of the world China to chance, while Chinese is the bridge, look at the moment, chose to stay in Chinese Chinese engaged in related work in many foreigners who spoke fluent Chinese, realize their dream of "Chinese". One said the development of foreigners in China, many people first think of the mountains, the famous scholars, presenters, comic actors, but also a competent Chinese and foreign cultural envoys". And the crosstalk is like spring the mountains become attached to reach China 1988 evening of the new year, the Canadian youth Mark? Roswell boarded the CCTV New Year party, in the sketch "of late" play "Xu mountain" in this role, the fluent words China foreign guy image of a gun and red. From then on, he became the first foreigner comic genealogy, and Chinese name — the mountains. Then, the mountain worship comic master Jiang Kun as a teacher, in 1998 on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and Pan Changjiang, the two girls performing comedy "stamp". The 2009 CCTV Spring Festival evening, mountain and the comedian Liu Wei, Ma Dong, Zhou Wei, Zheng Jian brought the group of comic features "say", this is the re interpretation of Ma Ji teacher performance features "power struggle". The 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the mountains led his students again at the stage, to show a group of comic "brothers". As the maximum number of foreigners reached the spring mountain, "China hand" image deeply engraved in people’s minds China. Partner Wang Han presided over the two session of the Chinese Bridge into the hearts of foreigners, but in the idol after the Spring Festival Gala on the evening of 4, decided to withdraw from the world of comic dialogue, steering direction. In 2012, the opening of the eleventh session of the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese World University Games, the mountains and Wang Han as the host of the opening ceremony of the Chinese Bridge, the mountain the prologue: "although I was a foreigner, but not outsiders" appeared, known as the biggest surprise is the opening of the Chinese bridge. Dashan and Wang Han partner no stage fright, can do this for many foreign students sparkling discourse, from various countries to match demonstration and confidence — the mountains can do, what do you do? Second years, the mountains continue to partner with Wang Han presided over the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese college students’ competition in the world, the two people at the scene of the dialogue with the dialogue and humorous dialogue, frequently won applause from the audience and players. Can be served as the "Chinese Bridge" of the host, not only because of the mountains with Chinese and foreign cultures, athletes and judges convenient communication, but because the mountain is the idol of many players, saw him kindly. Today, the mountain launched its own combination of Chinese and Western mouth.相关的主题文章: