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Shanghai introduced the new deal to improve the overseas talents residence permit (B card) "gold content" – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 26 (reporter Xu Jing) Shanghai municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau 26 announced a new deal, to create a "foreign talent residence permits of Shanghai Municipality (hereinafter referred to as" B "into the card) related to the treatment of foreigners permanent residence permit" in Shanghai landing platform to make specific instructions. This the name is "on hold" foreigners permanent residence permit "overseas high-level talents directly for the" Shanghai overseas talents residence "implementation measures", based on the holder of the existing treatment, to further expand the B card holders in the aspects of long-term residence and simplify customs clearance, livelihood security and other benefits. In order to attract and retain overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship more shanghai. On the basis of the new deal, with undergraduate (Bachelor) and above (degree) in Shanghai, legal work or business, hold "overseas high-level talents foreigners permanent residence permit", and can directly apply for "foreigners permanent residence permit" is valid to match the B certificate. In the existing framework for the validity of the Shanghai overseas residence certificate approved standards, the holder of the B certificate of overseas high-level talents, direct addition of 100 points. According to the final score and the permanent residence permit for foreigners, the validity of the B card, the maximum length of not more than 10 years. B card holders in long-term residence, simplify customs clearance, livelihood security and other seven aspects of the development of treatment. Hold the B permit returned, Hong Kong and Macao professionals, can apply for the "Shanghai special fund to promote the" talent development in accordance with the provisions of the relevant special talent. A period of 5 years B certificate of foreign talent, can be issued by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social talent that working class residence permit to the public security departments to apply for 5 years period ("talent"), at least 3 years of work, the working party recommended to apply for "foreigners permanent residence permit". A period of 3 years of Hongkong, Macao B professionals, to give up the identity of the Hong Kong and Macao, apply for permanent residence in Shanghai; foreign high-level personnel who hold more than 2 years of the validity of the "foreign expert certificate", can simplify the material, apply directly for more than 2 years of the period of validity of the B certificate. At the same time, overseas high-level talents possess a valid B certificate, which can simplify the procedures, issued by the human resources and Social Security Bureau of high-level personnel proved to carry personal separation, transportation, postal and express way to the entry and exit of scientific research, teaching and give their own goods, customs clearance facilitation. To carry the entry and exit of goods, except in special circumstances, the customs may not be checked out of the box. During the valid B certificate of personnel employment in Shanghai, to participate in social insurance in accordance with the provisions of the payment period, the units and individuals pay the basic pension and medical insurance can be accumulated; work changes, can transfer. Eligible to enjoy social insurance benefits in accordance with the law. In addition, the holders of B card in accordance with the agreement on the basis of the working party can be paid in accordance with the current provisions of the housing provident fund in Shanghai, for the purchase of housing or rental housing or property costs and other housing consumption. And Shanghai employers to terminate or terminate the labor (employment) relationship, the provisions of the housing accumulation fund account for the sequestration相关的主题文章: