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Chase the wind and lightning! Kart "thunder 9 shock debut! Welfare big Halloween Carnival just after, belong to the singles and the coming day. In order to prepare for a grand day party, we have launched a new car — thunder 9 as a prelude to this grand party! In the store, TOP vehicle gear packs, letters, cards and other popular props renamed huge benefits shelves, absolutely can not miss! The son of thunder thunder 9 – adding TOP series gear! "Thunder" series has been thriving in the mountains of a classic car family. As the new darling of the lightning, thunder 9 inherited the edges of vehicle front generation car hard, and equipped with the mainstream of the 9 generation engine, the power and the instantaneous sprint is greatly improved, and excellent suspension system allows the driver to experience hitherto unknown driving comfort. This week, the thunder 9 joins the TOP gear, waiting for all the challenges of the driver to ride! In addition, in November 17th 6 before the upgrade thunder 9, you can get extra cool coins, and gold box parts Black package to strengthen incentives, with thunder 9 drivers must not miss these benefits! To commemorate the thunder 9 sparkling debut, in November 17th 6, the TOP value of the vehicle gear packs again on store shelves! Package packed mass TOP series gear and rare gold component box, while the price is only 990 game currency. In addition, from November 3rd to November 16th, the first time every day to log on to the game, you can receive free TOP 150 vehicle gear 1, remember to log in every day oh! Worse my AI! Challenge the new AI have good manners! Starting this week, multiplayer games in addition to pack eight will sell Meng AI role has been upgraded! They drove a strong nine generation car, formed a team is being invited to fight. November 3rd to November 17th after the maintenance before 6, in the individual competition and AI driver (1~4 can) driving back into the game and completed 50, you can get a special prize: AI box 3 vehicles. Open the box, have access to unlimited 9, 9 gold, the lava Snowman 9 rare vehicles, also have access to limit the gold Ranger 9, red flag 9 flames (grab in the new service vehicles need red)! Finally, in order to let you have a warm heart of the singles, buy in November 3rd to November 17th 6 letters during or renamed card can enjoy half price concessions, want to make drivers to seize the opportunity! And during this period to become a new couple of players, will be in the end of the event was given 10 times the function of the stick and the delay hourglass for 30 days, so that the smell of love continues to spread! "Thor" sons of thunder 9 shocking debut, massive reward crazy run! Join "KartRider (micro-blog)", enjoy the premium benefits, harvest happy game! The son of thunder thunder 9 – adding TOP series gear > > > popkart website > > > popkart in November 3rd相关的主题文章: