The man fainted. The girl raped to death it was folk rescue team captain-pp点点通2006

The man fainted. The girl raped to death it was the original title: Folk rescue team captain Nie Liqiang suspected of being sued the Xi’an concern Gan Zhai sisters infringement cases of intentional homicide, will be held today in Xi’an City Intermediate People’s court. In addition to the exposed more details, 3 changes the suspect Nie Liqiang charges also caused concern: the public security authorities on suspicion of robbery crime to criminal detention; Yanta District of Xi’an city procuratorate on suspicion of robbery and rape their arrest; Xi’an city procuratorate on suspicion of intentional homicide prosecution. The case review Nie Li Qiang, born in 1980, who lives in Xi’an City, Beilin District East side. Xi’an Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the indictment, January 15, 2016 at 4 pm, Nie Liqiang in the high tech Zone of Xi’an City, Gan Zhai West outside the east gate waiting for his girlfriend, found two girls take a taxi to go home, see two per capita for young women, then the concept of sexual assault. Nie Liqiang took a hammer from his car, trailing two to three rows of Gan Zhai East Building 12, unit 5 door, two girls holding a hammer pounding head, caused two people injured. One woman fell to the ground struggling, Nie Liqiang pulled off his pants, obscene. Then, in the process of escape, Li Qiang took another woman’s handbag. Nie Liqiang’s lawyer said, Nie in the car is usually a hammer he used to rescue those trapped in the rescue team, but the rescue hammer here has become a weapon. After the incident, the two girls were sent to Xi’an high tech hospital for rescue, the two girls are a pair of sisters, sister 16 years of age, her sister was only 14 years old. In January 25th, my sister died, my sister was remain unconscious. After forensic identification, sister head suffered blunt external force, resulting in severe open brain injury death, sister injury is a serious injury of two, disability level is level eight. In January 22nd, a strong deterrent to police and the media, Nie Liqiang surrendered to the public security organs. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter was informed that the Xi’an City Intermediate People’s court today (10) to hear the case of the case of Gan walled sisters were infringed. Due to the involvement of personal privacy and the victim is a minor, the court decided not to hear the case. Nie Liqiang on charges of alleged repeated change of the China Daily reporter from the public security organs and the procuratorate investigators learned that the case involved Nie Liqiang striking one snag after another. January 24, 2016, Nie Li Qiang because of alleged robbery by the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau detention branch in February 26th was high; Yanta District of Xi’an city procuratorate on suspicion of rape, robbery arrested. China Daily reporter saw in Xi’an city’s "west a criminal proceedings against [2016]151," the complaint, Xi’an city procuratorate that Nie Li Qiang sexual others, armed violence, caused one death and one injured, the circumstances are particularly bad, the consequences are especially serious, their behavior has violated the "criminal law" the provisions of article 232nd. The criminal facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, should be intentional homicide criminally, and a recidivist, should be severely punished according to law. Prosecutors also found that in 2001, Li Qiang was stolen by the city of Xi’an相关的主题文章: