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Fan Bingbing doesn’t play the movie on top of Li Bingbing? This article from the "new, dynamic play movie" public number (id:wan2movie) to replace Fan Bingbing Li Bingbing to play "shark"? I did not expect today’s new film is still the first dynamic and angle change. Prior to this, there is news that Fan Bingbing will join the Hollywood movie giant tooth shark (Meg) and partner Jason Statham. The day before yesterday, Fan Bingbing studio issued a statement said, Fan Ye with the "grand track" "I am not Pan Jinlian" two new film publicity, and "shark" requirements into the group time conflict, so out of here "shark" is a Sino US co productions, CO produced by Warner Bros. and China Gravity company. Director Joe dtel Duba has directed the "national treasure", and Jason Stenson will star in the movie actor. Unexpectedly, after the departure of the Fan Ye, the event has made new progress: foreign media reports, Li Bingbing will succeed Fan Bingbing starred in the giant tooth shark. However, after the confirmation of Li Bingbing Sina entertainment, but got this reply, we really got the Warner Brothers "shark" the project’s invitation, but started in November last year, said plans to start in May this year, when the ice sister started shooting "nest" mystery, not afraid of both he declined to. The progress of this project is not too much attention. But on Friday once again received Warner Brothers about the project’s invitation, and film producer Lorenzo Lorenzo personally invited, with ice sister worked with "4" good friend, so he wants Bing Bing to help him to do this drama, really very suddenly, so now we in the communication process, has yet to determine whether the star. Li Bingbing will not appear in the giant toothed shark is not yet known, but to see this response, we can at least be sure that, even if starred, it will not be replaced fan ye. – on the other side, the goal to create Movie Empire Wanda, and pride in hand to buy buy buy. Wang Jianlin, chairman of the Wanda Group, will spend billions of dollars on the acquisition of two American non production studios, Reuters reported. However, this obviously can not meet Wanda’s appetite. Wang Jianlin said, Dalian Wanda, the next target will be the United States’ six (Big Six) "one of the film studio. Mentioned here refers to the "big six": twentieth Century Fuchs, Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Columbia pictures. After the news, Wanda Group is negotiating with Viacom, which holds the paramount plans to acquire 49% of the shares. But Wang Jianlin also said: "we are interested in not only paramount, if the" big six "no one is willing to sell, we are interested in." The rich Wanda has acquired the AMC cinema and legendary pictures, in July this year, also announced the acquisition of Europe’s largest cinema chain Odeon…… Wang Jianlin said he was interested mainly in the United States and Europe, entertainment, sports companies, as long as the Target Corp"相关的主题文章: